A Lightening Bolt "WOW" Moment

Dec 18, 2007

So.. I'm a typical chic and go through the whole baby-loving phase every so often. Its been freaking my boyfriend out. LOLLL so I told him that since I couldn't have his baby any time soon, that I needed something else to obsess over.. which I decided should be a wedding. LOL (yes I am weird like that, but boredom sucks).

So anyway. Instead of wandering through the baby isles, I've been flipping through Wedding magazines. Well I totally stumbled upon the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. It had all of the characteristics I was looking for in a wedding dress. It covered my 'self conscious' spot (the armpit flab area) covered the tattoo on my back, had a big enough skirt to separate itself from a prom dress, and it had a touch of vintage to it!!!!!

So I researched it online.. and EVERY bridal magazine I've EVER read always says to have a "General Idea" about dresses and to NOT get your heart set on one exact dress because the chances of finding it are slim to none (or its too expensive, or discontinued, etc) So.. I found a store that carried the designer (Monique Lhuillier). And decided to go investigate on my day off.

I walk in and I get all nervous. The place is ultimate high-end. I'm in heaven.. LOL... I get directed towards the Bridal section and there are 3 women sitting together and they all turn towards me and smile. I'm caught off guard by it, so I kind of studder and walk over saying something along the lines of "Hi.. I'm new at this, but I was wondering if you have this dress... or something similar" and I hand one the magazine image I had neatly torn out. She looks at me and is like "Oh yes! Thats right over here." I think I tripped on myself just standing there. Then I dart over behind her as she's walking to a rack of dresses partitioned off from the rest. I could already tell my heart rate was going a mile a minute. 

She pulls it off the rack and displays it for me, WOW.. yeah.. it was definitely the one. She motioned that all the dresses in this section were Monique Lhuillier and asked if there was anything else I was interested in trying on. Still in shock, I mindlessly just zero in on the other dresses that were similar and pick out 2 others. I asked what sizes they came in and she said "Oh, all our demos are size 10s." at which point my heart froze over and felt like I was kicked. I tell her that I'm a size 10 but I know they tend to run small, I actually flinched at her.. maybe as a gesture of hope ..or maybe anguish.. LOL I can't remember..

ANYway... so we go in and she helps me get in the thing. She starts zipping the skirt portion, I'm praying to the Gods to let it fit, and I'm yapping away in nervousness and she's like "Well, these do run smaller than normal, so this is closer to an 8/9" ((just picture time freezing and echo, echo, echo)) and as she finishes tying the sash around my waist, I turn and look in the mirror and I'm starstruck. Everything came crashing down on me. Not only did this store have my exact dream wedding dress.. But it was there to LOOK at and touch.. and try on. but it was in my size.. it FIT IT like it was MADE FOR ME.. it was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.. it was so freaking flattering... I couldn't even do anything.. I felt it wash over me and my eyes started watering and I was like OMG... who the hell is this person in front of me.

 My head was fuzzy with all these realizations.. I had not only lost a shitload of weight, I fit into the floor model dress of couture. WTF!.... ME?? 

SO yes.. I had my first official WOW moment. I had a smidgen of one when I bought the lil black dress, but the impact of the wedding dress was like a brick to the face. And you KNOW I had to get a picture. lol



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