Happy Anniversary

Feb 14, 2009

So, it's only fitting that my last picture (#50) is what I look like at the end of my weightloss journey. Granted it's only an assumption, but I've been at this weight for 8 to 9 months now, even had the dreaded slight "gain" but completely leveled out at :

a size 6 pants, 
a  Small/Medium top (depending on who makes it)
Size 7 ring (with a new engagement ring to go with it) starting was 11!!
Even my feet shrank a whole size (previously a 9) now an 8.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to me!!

130-135lbs and I totally had people telling me I was getting "ugly" skinny. I was starting to look sickly, and not in a hot "nicole richie" way.. (even I can admit to that).. So I'm actually not upset that I gained 10ish pounds, even though that fluctuates with water weight. I just look better with a little extra fat in my cheeks. Have no fear, I can still slap on my hip bones sticking out. So I know where my body frame is at.

And god was on my side... I don't think I'll ever need platics. My arm-flab .. aka my "bat wings" have dwindled down to what a normal woman's arms look like. And If I cared that much - the only area that would need surgery would be my boobs... but the skin is catching up so they aren't so 'wilted' anymore. But they are by NO means ready for Playboy HA!

I'm to a place where I really dig my body. I have my days where I sometimes think it would be cool to look like a model, but I quickly get over that and am grateful I'm blessed to have the wonderfully forgiving body that I do. It got hip to my jive and we get along great now.

I don't dump. Well... I have the occasional instance where I eat a few bite more than I should and it just starts choked me up until its easier to just get it out than to sit there feeling gross. but..... the actual dumping symdrom I've experienced? No.. not in.. ages. I've just taken things and ran with them. I don't drink sodas. I eat a ton of veggies. My meat is greatly limited, but thats not because I can't eat it, its because I'm addicted to vegetables now instead.

Not much else to update about.. My life is wonderful on all sides. I hope everyone is doing well!


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