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May 25, 2018

May 25th, 2018


I had my surgery in 2007. I am just past my 11 year anniversary.

I think a decade is a safe amount of time to recap and consider myself a success story. My lowest weight was 130 or so, but that was pushing me into a size 2/4 and was legitimately underweight for my height and build. I didn't stay there very long - and came back up to 140lbs for years. I floated between a 6 and 8 for the majority of the last 10 years and only recently have bumped back into a size 10. Recently = very, very slowly within 2 years. 

I think this is because of an expansion of my stomach size... which, realistically speaking, will happen. 

Between the slight increase of clothing size, slight weight re-gain (a max of 40 lbs), and noticing the increased portions I am able to handle, I have decided to aggressively preserve all the hard work I've done for the last decade - I am going to have my stomach and stoma re-adjusted.  I have an appointment Next Friday to get my current pouch measured (upper GI) and mapped out for the Apollo Overstitch. 

I have already paid my deposits and office fees and I'm not bothering with insurance to drag this out. I am self-paying the $8,000. (all inclusive package, Austin Tx, message me for more info) to have this done. I saw a $5,500 (all inc.) price, but that was in Mexico and I'd rather do it same day, with a local doc, and in english. 

As 100% Postive as I am about protecting all the effort and hard work I've done... I still feel like there will be haters out there. I know I haven't regained a significant amount of weight, I'm still well under 200lbs... but I don't want to GET THERE in order to fix what I already know is happening.

This isn't about whether or not I'm curling up on the couch, eating bonbons, being lazy, and letting myself regain 100lbs..(because that isn't the case).. This is a mechanics issue. As far as abiding by the program and all the rules and coming out a winner on the "losing" side.... I've proven myself. I did it. I am a gigantic Gastric Bypass success and I'm incredibly proud of that. Now I'm going to make sure I stay that way! 


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