I never had a weight problem until I had my first child. I would go on all these diets and even used diet pills. I would lose weight then before I new it ,I would look in the mirror one day and I did not know the person looking back. I had my second child 10 years later, I lost a lot of weight  before he was born. After he was born it took me forever to lose some of the weight I had gained. Since then it has been a rollercoster ride up and down.I am at my highest weight ever including pregnancy. My doctor recommend weight  loss surgery because of some health issues. so  I started reading up on different types of surgery, I was set on the lapband first, but the more I read I decided on the gastric bypass with Roux-en-Y. I went to my seminar, then I had my first appointment with Dr. Mailapur. Now I have to have some medical test done for him and the insurance has things I have to do. Hopefully, I am finally on my way to a better and healthier life that is long over due.  I would love to hear from anyone who has had this surgery done and find out that I have made a smart decision, and find out a little of what dos and don'ts on food drinks etc.