Gained Weight....I need HELP Please Sunday Feburary 7,2016

Feb 07, 2016

Hello my friends, I'm Robbie. It's been a while since I've been on here,I think if I had kept talking to all y'all I would not have gained so much. My Surgery date was July 12, 2010 I had RNY & I have gained about 50 lbs. I am so a shamed of my self, this is the one thing I was NOT going to do. I feel that I have let my Family down but more so I have more than let myself down. But now it's time for me to get back on track for myself, I have heard about the 5 day pouch test. Does anyone know of this diet, if so could you PLEASE get me a day by day guide to follow so when I buy groceries I can get what I need. This diet from what I understand kind of gives you a junp start to get you back to eating like we did when first started. I'm excited about doing this , It is just what I need. Wish me luck & I will be talking to you all soon with my undates on weight loss. I lost down to 127 which was to small for me , I want to get back to 130-135. My weight right now is 184 ibs. You just don't how bad it hurts me to have to write that weight down & OMG how I hate seeing 184 on the scales. But as soon as I find out the 5 day guide I will be exercising & dropping the weight off. I know I'm not going to drop the weight off in 5 days but like I said it's a guide to help me get started back to the basics. Thank you so much for your help my friends, Have a wonder day.


Time to start posting again... May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

I know it's been a long time since I've been on here. I'm going to start posting again because it seem to help me stay on the right track as far as losing weight goes. I've gained about 40 lbs & I'm working hard to get it off, I have a weight loss partner on here so far that seems to help. So far (it's only been a couple wks.) I've lost about 4 lbs. I know it's not much but it's pretty good for 2 wks. & it's a start. Today I'm going to do some yard work which I haven't done in a long while, I love doing it once I get started. I usually have to have someone out doors with me (that's just a depression/ anxiety thing I have) but  today I'm to  try it on my on.I might not get it all done but I'm going to try to do as much as possible & finish it tom. It's suppose to be a beautiful wk. so the yard needs a good cleaning & I need some sun on these glow in the dark white legs...LOL.Then if I have any energy  left I'm going to take a brisk walk.   I will post tom. to let anyone who would like to hear how my day went. I hope all y'all have a lovely day.       


It's been a while ! December 9 2013

Dec 08, 2013

Hi to everyone hope y'all had a nice summer, I had a rough summer. I had surgery in March to repair a hernia had a few complications so it took a little to get over. Then in October I had surgery on both feet just got to start walking last wk. Still can't wear my own shoes first I had to wear the big black boots that looked like Herman Munster shoes.Then last wk. they gave me shoes that look like their on the wrong feet w/velcro straps they gave me some braces to wear w/the shoes but my dog got hold of them & ripped them up. I still have a lot of pain & swelling if I go to the store I have to have someone take me (the Dr. won't let me drive yet) I have to drive around in the motorized cart. I've been working on getting the house decorated for Christmas it is taking me so long because I have to take breaks because my feet start hurting so bad & swelling. By the end of the day I can't hardly stand to walk on them but I should be finished tomorrow. Then theres Christmas shopping right now I don't even know if I will be able to buy Christmas gifts  which is so depressing. My hubby has been out of work because of government cut backs  how do you tell a 6 yr. old you can't get anything on his list. We have been married 34 yrs. & have always managed to buy for our children their spouses & 2 grandsons I have been worrying myself sick over what we are going to do. I know most people would say don't worrying about it or something to that effect but they would feel the same way I do if it were them. Because it is something I always do we make sure everyone has a nice Christmas. It's not always expensive things, I went to dollar stores last year I found a few things at the thrift store (I love them) with the tags still on them. I just want to be able to do my Christmas shopping like I always do, by this time I have usually got the most of it done. I have not been able to get the first thing yet. I have worried & prayed for the last mth. & I worrying more & pray even harder everyday that passes because it's getting so much closer to Christmas. I'm sorry I turned this post into a complaining one I guess I just had to get it off my chest or just say it to someone else . Anyway, I have gained some weight since I haven't been able to exercise or eat everything right, again theres were money comes (sorry) . But as soon as I can stay on my feet longer I can start walking & exercising & get the weight off. My jeans won't even fit right now so I need to try & get a couple pair until I can wear mine. I'm sure your tried of reading by now so I will close for now, I hope each & everyone of you have a safe & Merry Christmas. Once again Thanks for listening/reading .   



Apr 09, 2013

I haven't been on here in a while, just wanted to say hi to everyone & see how yall are doing. I'm doing good keeping my weight down I gained a little but I needed too. I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I'm still not back to my self yet. I don't know how long it should take for the pain, tiredness & nausea  devilto go away. Soon I hope, They fixed the hernia, but my bowel & intestines were already growing attached to the hernia so the Dr. had to cut them lose & he made a little cut in the intestine. Bye for now


Tummy hurts !!!! Feburary 4,2012

Feb 04, 2012

I posted the other day about having a hernia, I have got to get use to not lifting much. I can tell it's already a little bigger & giving me more pain, in general I haven't been feeling well in the last few weeks. I'm having trouble with going to the  bathroom in the past couple weeks, I go but not much is happening I have had gas a lot gas-x helps most of the time with that TMI .... I've been taking stool softeners I've taken mirlax a couple times but ran out so I got more today. My right side has some pain could that be from the hernia (it's on the right side of my belly button or from not being regular with going to the bathroom ? I would appreciate any advice I know someone has probably had  a similar problem before. My tummy hurts from my belly to under my breast (the center of my tummy) & a little in my right side especially after I eat. I feel a little sick after I eat , my tummy also feels bloated (I feel FAT in my tummy) it hurts sometimes just from bending over. Oh well I'm done with complaining for now...LOL Thanks for taking time to read/listening to me. I'm waiting to hear from you...  

HI, I have a "HERNIA" ): . Jan.27, 2012

Jan 26, 2012

Hi my friends, I haven't updated in a while but I have been reading. I hope everyone is doing great, I have been maintaining my weight between 124-128 for a while now. Of course everyone tells me :you need to gain at least 20 lbs". I'm happy where I am, I'm wearing a small & 3-4 in pants. I've discovered thrift stores, I love them I get some name brand clothes some still have the tags on them. I have more clothes than I've every had in my life, I love shopping now. The only problems I have now is I've started getting sick (throwing up sick) & I found out a couple weeks ago I have a hernia on the right side of my belly button. I notice a little puffy spot & it was hurting a little if my grandson would lean to hard against my tummy when I would hold him & just a little pain or throbbing in that spot. Dr. said don't worry about it unless it started bothering me or it got bigger. I can tell it is giving me a little more pain & I can feel it is a little harder or bigger spot. Also said not to be lifting anything heavy sometimes that's impossible, & mopping & sweeping (for a long period of time) makes my whole tummy & right side up in my ribs hurt a lot. I know several of you have had this happen, I would appreciate any advice on what to do & how to live with it & could it be some of my problem on the throwing up & being sick. It's 4;30 am I think I will go back to bed until time for my grandson to get up at 7am to go to pre-school, went to bed at midnight then got up at 2am with the hubby, he has to leave at 3am to get to work by 5am. It makes for a long day, maybe I can snick a nap in w/ Gavin (grandson) when he gets home at 11am ,,,LOL. I will try to do better on keeping my blog updated, I would love to hear from everyone to see how your doing & of course any advice is always welcome. I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe weekend.  

One Year Passed on July 12, 2011

Jul 16, 2011

I haven't been able to post lately, my laptop died. I had to get a new one soooo I missed posting on July 12, which was  one year since WLS. I'm still losing weight most weeks. I have passed my goal weight of 142, I weigh 128.5. I wear a size 4 pants & they are a little lose in the seat, a small sometimes xs shirt. I bought my first bathing suit since WLS got a small (: Of course it is full piece my tummy is not for showing, I'm having trouble finding bras that fit . I wear 34 B's are a little to small & C's a little to big. That's the one thing I hate since I've lost weight, I've been checking around for plastic surgeons. I think I'm going to stop talking about going to one and just go find out what I can get done. I had the best complement the other day, my hubby was in the store I decided to go in to get a paper. I told the guy behind the counter "this is on him" meaning hubby was paying I went back to the car. I didn't know the guy was a friend of my 21 yr. old son, he asked my hubby is that your wife he said yes . The guy said Cory's mom ? hubby said yes he said I thought it was his girlfriend or something "she's hot & very pretty. Well hubby came out & told me, well of course I couldn't stop smiling... I went back in & made him come from behind the counter & gave him a big hug & thanked him & all he could do was smile & added well... you are very pretty I can't believe your Cory's mom. That was my BEST complement since WLS, It made me feel really good  . Anyway just had to share that, got to go finish cleaning my house we are having out of town company I've been up all night cleaning I took a break to have coffee talk later . I'd love to hear from all of you more often I know my post are not that exciting ...LOL but I'd love to hear about all of you. Have a great day !!! 
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Wanted to say Hi ! ... June 13,2011

Jun 12, 2011

Hi, Everyone I missed updating in May so I thought I would write a short post . As you know I reached goal awhile back, I'm now at 132 lbs. I've slowly added back different foods , I still can't hold much (not complaining) but I don't really want to lose anymore weight. I wear a small shirt, 34B bra (way to small & saggy) & a very lose size 4 pants. I'm making my appointment next week for my consultation for plastic surgery I can't wait I hope he can do what I want done. My insurance will pay for reconstructive surgery after WLS but I don't know how much yet. I'll keep you posted on that. I've been working out but I need to do it alot more, a girl ask me the other day if I worked out I said yes, she said my arms looked really good made me feel good. But I need to do something for under my arms & more for my thighs, I don't really want surgery done on either of those sometimes the scare looks worse than the skin. I thought about getting the shaker weight thing they show on TV, has anyone used it if so what do you think about it. I go to the gym but if the shaker works that's just extra to use at home. I need to buy a bathing suit but I tell my hubby I look like the melting women, use to the reason was I was to fat are we ever satisfied ?...LOL Other than these complaints I'm happy I feel so much better & feel better about my self. People I haven't seen in a while have to take a second look before they know who I am. I will always say WLS was the best thing I have ever done for myself & I have NO regrets except that I didn't do it sooner. Talk to whoever is reading (listen) later. Goodnight/Morning. 

I finally made it.... April 19, 2011

Apr 19, 2011

Well here it is about 9 months since WLS (July 12, 2010) & I'm at my goal weight as of this morning 142 lbs. . I actually weigh 141.5, I'm so happy I didn't think those last few lbs. where ever going to leave my body it was like they were attached so tight they refused to leave..Now I have to learn to maintain I don't really need to lose anymore weight, I don't won't to be skin & bones that was never my goal. Of course I lost it to be healthy but we all have to admit we also want to look good, especially to our self & also to other people. I use to think when I went out everyone that looked at me was thinking OMG she is so fat!!! So I never wanted to go anywhere. I'm now wearing a size 6  in pants was a 20/22 , small/ medium in shirts was a 2-3x, I feel so much better about myself. I'm also a little proud of my self for losing the weight & keeping all the junk food out of my eating habits. I don't really miss any of the junk I use to eat (except as I stated before fried fish & hush puppies) but I can live without it for now. Now if I can get a boob lift & tummy tuck I will be extremely happy...LOL Goodnight for now .

Almost There March 18, 2011

Mar 17, 2011

I'm almost at my goal weight right now it has slowed down so much. I have finally started going to the gym (a couple months now) today was a great day & the weather was beautiful. I went to the gym this morning & I actually walked home, I live a few blocks from it. I decided if I get up a little earlier I can also walk there my hubby dropped me off today, their parking lot is so small. Anyway, We (my hubby) went & dug up some trees about 10 brought them home & my son planted most of them, I helped a little I'm not good at digging. We will plant the rest tomorrow, I should have been inside cleaning it's a mess, but the day was so nice I even put on shorts & a tank top to get a little sun. The shorts are so big they looked like a skirt but the elastic made them stay up (some), my grandson was outside with us & we where running after each other & I was holding him (he's 4) & running & yesterday I went on a walk w/ hubby Gavin (grandson) wanted to go I had to carry him the whole time . On both occasions it hit me "I'm actually walking & running around & I'm not out of breat" at all I could talk & walk instead of trying to keep my breathing under control so my hubby wouldn't know just how out of shape & unhealthy I was (like he couldn't look at me & tell). I guess that was my "WOW" moment, it was such a great feeling chasing after him with him laughing & yelling "you can't get me" he loved it & so did I . The best part was being able to breath & talk at the same time, I know I have already said that but I just can't get over being able to do that. Now when we finally came in & had a shower & dinner I fell a sleep in front of the TV before 7pm & woke up at 8:30pm. I have been getting sick a little more but I think I need to chew & slow down a little more. Been having major gas problems, but all in all life is great right now & I know it will only get better. My hubby ask me the other day (after I had been throwing up) if I would do it all again (surgery & all that went along with it) I said "in a heart beat". I'm so happy I had WLS done, it was the best thing I have every done for myself. Now I can't wait to have my tummy tuck & boobs done & a little liposuction here & there. Goodnight to all you night owls out there, drop me some advice or recipes or just a note to let me know how your doing. I love hearing from everyone, it let's me know that someone hears me...LOL