I finally made it.... April 19, 2011

Apr 19, 2011

Well here it is about 9 months since WLS (July 12, 2010) & I'm at my goal weight as of this morning 142 lbs. . I actually weigh 141.5, I'm so happy I didn't think those last few lbs. where ever going to leave my body it was like they were attached so tight they refused to leave..Now I have to learn to maintain I don't really need to lose anymore weight, I don't won't to be skin & bones that was never my goal. Of course I lost it to be healthy but we all have to admit we also want to look good, especially to our self & also to other people. I use to think when I went out everyone that looked at me was thinking OMG she is so fat!!! So I never wanted to go anywhere. I'm now wearing a size 6  in pants was a 20/22 , small/ medium in shirts was a 2-3x, I feel so much better about myself. I'm also a little proud of my self for losing the weight & keeping all the junk food out of my eating habits. I don't really miss any of the junk I use to eat (except as I stated before fried fish & hush puppies) but I can live without it for now. Now if I can get a boob lift & tummy tuck I will be extremely happy...LOL Goodnight for now .