It's been a while ! December 9 2013

Dec 08, 2013

Hi to everyone hope y'all had a nice summer, I had a rough summer. I had surgery in March to repair a hernia had a few complications so it took a little to get over. Then in October I had surgery on both feet just got to start walking last wk. Still can't wear my own shoes first I had to wear the big black boots that looked like Herman Munster shoes.Then last wk. they gave me shoes that look like their on the wrong feet w/velcro straps they gave me some braces to wear w/the shoes but my dog got hold of them & ripped them up. I still have a lot of pain & swelling if I go to the store I have to have someone take me (the Dr. won't let me drive yet) I have to drive around in the motorized cart. I've been working on getting the house decorated for Christmas it is taking me so long because I have to take breaks because my feet start hurting so bad & swelling. By the end of the day I can't hardly stand to walk on them but I should be finished tomorrow. Then theres Christmas shopping right now I don't even know if I will be able to buy Christmas gifts  which is so depressing. My hubby has been out of work because of government cut backs  how do you tell a 6 yr. old you can't get anything on his list. We have been married 34 yrs. & have always managed to buy for our children their spouses & 2 grandsons I have been worrying myself sick over what we are going to do. I know most people would say don't worrying about it or something to that effect but they would feel the same way I do if it were them. Because it is something I always do we make sure everyone has a nice Christmas. It's not always expensive things, I went to dollar stores last year I found a few things at the thrift store (I love them) with the tags still on them. I just want to be able to do my Christmas shopping like I always do, by this time I have usually got the most of it done. I have not been able to get the first thing yet. I have worried & prayed for the last mth. & I worrying more & pray even harder everyday that passes because it's getting so much closer to Christmas. I'm sorry I turned this post into a complaining one I guess I just had to get it off my chest or just say it to someone else . Anyway, I have gained some weight since I haven't been able to exercise or eat everything right, again theres were money comes (sorry) . But as soon as I can stay on my feet longer I can start walking & exercising & get the weight off. My jeans won't even fit right now so I need to try & get a couple pair until I can wear mine. I'm sure your tried of reading by now so I will close for now, I hope each & everyone of you have a safe & Merry Christmas. Once again Thanks for listening/reading .