Ravindra Mailapur

"My first impression of Dr. Mailapur is that he cares about his patients & gives a very informative seminar. I liked the fact that he stayed around after the seminar to meet with you (if you wanted) & answer anymore questions that you might have. On my first visit he answered more questions & he did not seem to mind at all. I did not feel like he was rushing with me to get to the next patient. He told me all appt. I would have to have with different DR. & about all test & that this is a life change not a just a diet. When he was finished with his talk he ask me once again did I have anymore questions. I felt that he was very interested in what I was asking & that all my questions were important.HIS office staff is very nice & helpful, I would always talk to Jessica she is/always very nice about my questions(I have been full of them). As I started getting closer to giving everything to my insurance she has made sure all paper work has been in order. So I'm sure that is why I received a date within a few days of them getting my papers. So far I would recommened Dr. Mailapur & his office staff to anyone. I think that surgical competence is by far more important than bedside manner, but a a great bedside manner is always a big plus, & Dr. Mailapur has a great bedside manner. I had my surgery on 7-12-2010, I met Dr. Mailapur in the hall before I got a room & he still wanted to know if I had more questions & that he would take good care of me, because I was a bit nervious. He then give me a big hug & told me I would be fine. I have also been to my follow up visit he was just as informative as he was the first time I met him. He told me he had given me the tool now it was up to me to use it to my advantage. He told me things I could & could not eat. At the end of my visit he said if I had questions to just call(& I have) Then gave me a big hug , he then shook hands with my husband said I was doing great & we were on our way. I would tell anyone that Dr. Mailapur is the Dr./surgeon to go to I have had no problems & I'm doing great. I know I picked the best Dr. in my area to go to & I'm very happy I found him. There is nothing negative to say about Dr. Mailapur or his staff, they are all wonderful."

Huntsville Hospital

"The hospital was very clean, the rooms were private & big, my husband stayed the night there was a chair that made a bed it was hard but other tan that the hospital was great."