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Let me first say  that " I am here!!!" to me it feels like a long journey, yet I know this was a part of a bigger plan. In my youth as far
back has I can remember I was the biggeat kid. And I have wrestled with the battle of the bulge for years. Now let me pause for a moment to say this..... You have probably read something along these lines over and over.  So I will try to make this as short as I possibly can :) for me that may be hard! :) (I am a talker)... Back to original subject...Fighting the obese thing yes fighting it at a young age and right into  teenage and adult years also. I have never been thin. nor just thick always obese.  For me in high school I don't say I was popular but known because of my cool outgoing personality. Was I teased? Yes ,,, there was no way around that yet I also had some pretty cool real friends which kept me grounded. My parents were good people and my mother tried everything to help as far as the weight goes yet she was very vocal in putting me in anything that had to do with music and that is where I found the best part of me and my outlet. Something I am good at. Yet even in trying to find peace I was still unsatisfied. I could tell there was a situation I was not confronting head on. MY WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me to be as heavy as I am I feel I carry it very well or at least I used to.. I am now in my mid thritys..... and my knees are not able to carry my weight like it used to.. my lower back is starting to hurt, And the big thing I believe that caught my attention was  Diabetes!!!!!!!!!!! ooh Yes that!  It runs in my family and my mother passesd away in 06 from renal failure which is a condition that is connected with Diabetes. without going into a long story let me just say It was not easy to actually watch the process my mother went through of decreasing vison, poor circulation, and dialysis 3 times a week 3-4 hours a pop and thats just to start.. My mother was a trooper she never complained she was very strong in faith and prayer. after she passed it was like a light bulb came on one day.. I had thought about WLS starting back in 2003 yet it was a thought I then began trying to research it. All of a sudden I became tired of alot of things and it all seemed to revolve around my weight, high price cloths, not fitting comfortably in chairs, the staresssssssssssss. after a while that thick skin you normaly get, just letting alot of things roll off your back. yea no, the lists goes on and on, it no longer worked for me so moving right along. there was an acquitance of mine whom had had it done but that was the open and although the surgery for her was successful to me it was just soooooo drastic.. so I moved on trying many of the weight loss programs you name it, I probably been on it and lost a few pounds Right! put back on and more! vicious cycle. In 2004 tried to have the non-adjustable band done, my insurance did not cover it so I let it go.. prayed about and just continued having faith knowing the Lord would make a way. Started a new job in 05 and a few of my coworkers where having the surgery and the company had a pretty good insurance available to us. Thats when a friend of mine advise me about OH websit she said it was awesome and very informative. So thats when I became hooked and very interested in researching more about WLS... then I went to a seminar with one of my best friends she had made a decision to have the surgery so I went for moral support yet when I heard the surgeon speak and explain the procedure in detail I knew It was time for me to take that step... So come along with me and take this journey with me............Now I had started trying to have the surgery in June /06 ..I had went to this surgeon that stated I needed to lose 50-100 lbs before he would do the surgery . oh no!!! Honestly if I could do that! I would have already. COME ON MAN!! While trying  to lose some weight I was still going through the process needed for my insurance. why doing so another friend of mine had attended a seminar held at Baylor Univ Hospital of Dallas TX. she was so excieted and she had started the process on having the WLS when I told her my situation she told me to try the surgeon she was going to. again to make it short I did, had my consult on May 7th 2007, APPROVED by insurance first try on May 15th 2007 "THANK YOU JESUS!!  Surgery date June 25th 2007!!!!!!!

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