Faith is the Key Dec 13,2010

Dec 12, 2010

My OH Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I really say?! for yet it would still be an excuse to why I haven't had a chance to get on the site to update, I was going back over my previous updates, of my weightloss journey,,, Now I can truley say the journey still continues,,,,,,,, bitter and sweet. Even in my time of discouragement in reference to my weight gain,,,, Yes your read correcetly, WEIGHT GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still trying to hold on to the faith of knowing there is yet a way to start up the weightloss yet again...Well here where I left off since the last update Januay of  2010, After having the revision in Nov 2009, I had started back losing, and once again I had gotten back down to 250 lbs, stayed @ that weght for about 6 months, then around July 2010, I started to graudally gain again..!!!!! And @ that point I was really wanting to throw my hands up, for I felt that all the fight of going bk & forth, testing and surgeries just to now start back gaining OMG (as the teens would say!) So each & every day since I cotinue to try to watch what I eat, although exercise is not a love of mine I try to walk as much as I can, which helps me to at  least  stay @ the same weight which is now 285-290 lbs which was what I last weighed in and that was on 11/29/10 @ my last PCP Dr. Appt. Yes I wanted to scream when I saw that # on that digital scale..OHHHHHHHHH HELLLLLLLLLLLL Here I go again, thats all I remember saying over in my mind. Now mind you my weightloss was not the purpose for my doctor's visit. I had been going for Blood Pressure oh yeah , just one other thing that has incresed since my weight lossnow weight gain, High blood pressure has seemd to hv creeped up. Its something that runs in the family and before my weight loss I was on the boarder line yet once my 1st surgery and the beginning weight loss my BP had lowered and stablized just one of the many benefits of the weightloss!! Let me pause to share this......." Even though right now I am going thru a momentary plateau. I  am sooooooooo Thankful for being given the gift of expressing a life of being smaller and the weight I have lost from the gastric bypass, I have experienced so many wonderful things that some thinner indivduals take for granted, walking w/o being out of breath, going up & dwn stairs w/o knees and back hurting. going to the amusement park and riding any and every ride w/o being afraid the attendant would say the bars will not lock so you are unable to ride on the ride. being able to sit n booths and any resturant, traveling on airplanes and not having to worry if you will be ask to buy 2 seats or just asking for belt extension.. and the list goes on and on. Even my social experience of being single and dating more that I ever have in my life. Having the confidence to do anything I want.!!!!! Yes the joyous feeling of those things are PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And for those  things mentiond is the very reason why I am fighting tooth and nail to continue and conqueror my weight loss..NOW back to what I was saying, I am hopeful but I am only human and I am thankful for the WLS support group, which I believe is a big help in keeping me hopeful and determined to move on and find a solution. Yet right now I am @ my wits end. I am not sure what to do next. I know I need to make an appointment with the bariatric doctor to see what needs to be done yet I am having a very hard time trusting any doc @ the moment. Of course its their job, but I am not made of money and by far not rich, And thankful for health insurance, yet I know my OH family undestands to well how expensive the journey of WLS can be, the deductiable is incresing so although helpful still expensive as heck!!!  I had never had any surgeries in my life until my 2007 gastric bypass since then I hv had 3 surgeries, So yes expensive and I still want a body lift also, the excessive skin thing is working my nerves too.Yet another thing that keeps me grounded is I didn't gain all my weight over night, there for I know losing and reaching goal is also a process..............Right now, yet hopefull still discourage any help is appreciated...........Right now I am going to continue to be thankful and enjoy the Christmas holidays.......So HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSS OH FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Keeping the Faith 09

Dec 03, 2009


Hello OH family!  Its has been much to long since I hv updated,, Yet please let me say.. IT has been a challenge..I'll try to make this short. I had gotten dwn to 240-245 lbs.. then around Jan 2009 I had started to gain my weight back..  I was so concerned. I md a appt with my WLS doc.. which my orginal doc . Dr Arnold was no longer @ the loc. A new doc had taken his place A Doc Kennedy.. I explain to her. that I had been under some stress & was now able to eat more. I had already spkn to the dietician and we had went over what I needed to do to restart weightloss.. they  did a Bairum test & noted I had no restriction from the emptying of my pouch. thats why I was always hungry & able to eat more. She advise me of a new procedure. (not sure of  the clinical name & not covered undr insurance.) its where the doc goes in thru the throat. and inject sm thing to narrow the exit way of the pouch so the food wld stay in the pouch longer so there for you won't get hungry so qkly. I had that done on 1-16-09. only lost 10 lbs. that was b/c I was on liquids for 1 wk...then  I was able to eat again I begain to gain. there was a co wkr of mine that also had  bypass bk in 04. & she was going to hv surgery for a hernia & she was talking abt how awesome her Dr.. was!! Dr John Alexander..I knew there was something else going on. which after seeg Dr Alexander & explaind that  after I eat I wld hv this pain in my upper stomach & then hv to throw up.. the prev doc states it was gaubladder sludge.. but thats not what is was.. Dr Alexander did a EGD which confirmed I had a perforated Lwr intestine, that had strected & was acting as a stomach.( resultg the pain & eating more). I then had a revision on..
November 20, 2009!! Surgery went well.. also doc md my pouch smaller..Now home recov'g
Revison surgery date weight  280 lbs
Dec 1, 2009 .. dr. app.. weighed in @ 270 llbs....Thank You Jesus....I am back on track and looking forward to losing another 100 lbs plus, if Gods Will..!! I will try to put new pics up soon ..I am so thankful for this 2nd chance...There is Hope!!


Long Process................

Dec 26, 2008


Long Journey
 I must say it has been a long while since I have updated...To all my OH family Hello.. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I will be truthful, I am so thankful for my tool, and I am to grateful.. but now that it has been a year & 10mons out now.. it's now more up to me & how I use the tool rather just the surgery.. basically the responsibilty is more on me...increased Exercise and calorie counting is so important.. Trust one thing I will get there... Being smaller has made such a difference in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel better about my self which allows me to do more.. everything that I ever put off I am now doing.. or am going to do...My social life is a experience all to itself.. I am loving it... I am just staying in the moment.....I  shall continue to give God the Glory!! Because it's  because of his love I was able to have the surgery and do the things I am doing.. thats why I know I shall reach my goal...If there is anyone reading this.. My encouraging word is ... Keep striving.. & praying. continue to put forth an effort.. And you shall achieve it!!!!!! I am now 260.. and I am striving to get under 250.. so then getting under 200 shall be a blessing..  alot of my OH family are starting out losing from the weight I am at now.. but for me I have come a long way starting @ 467 tro 260 Yes for me..that something I am proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!
I put up Two new pics.. I am so ready to talk about plastics... stomach, thighs, arms... but again its a process..



Jul 09, 2008

Hi Family !!!!!!!!!
I just want to update a litlle ..My 1st year Anniversary was June 25, 2008!!! weighing in @ 279 lbs....feeling good ... Thats 188 lbs down... THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! how sweet it is.... I am so grathful .. for the process.. even though I want it faster... Even though I am still a Big girl!!!!!!!!!!! I am really now considered a Thick Woman ( that just cracks me up) I am now in a different catagory as far as the dating scene is concern ..That is amazing to me also.... the way people act.. or maybe I am more confident.... 
I posted 3 new pics..
Hope you can see the difference.. I know I can... Love ya Family...
I wil keep striving.
till next post ..
Peace !!!!!!!

May 5, 2008.. Just Trucking along

May 15, 2008

Hello All!
Yes it has been a while... I'm so sorry. but all is well...Okay lets see my last entry was in March and I was @ 309lbs.. Well now I am 283 lbs  (Thanks You Jesus!!!) as of today 5-5-08......I feel good and I feel so blessed... I am now 11 months out and the weight loss is slowing down just a little but the good thing is I am still losing, I am trying not to complain..
June 25th 2008, will be my anniversary date.. And for my own personal goal I wanted to have lost complete 200lbs.. I am close yet not quite there.. but I am close.. I can now eat more so that concerns me as well  but I know I just need to be thoughtful of what I am eating..and increase the exercise a little more... but  remembering not to over do it.. The great things is I now am consulting with a physical trainer just to see what I can do without over doing it.. Honestly I am not a exercise lover.. but it does make me feel good once I get started.. So I know the more I put into it ..the better the results... So I will stay focused..Trying so hard not to start harping on the loose skin,, but it's so hard to over look it.. Jesus help me.,, like I said "Its all a process.. I didn't get as large as I did overnight ,, so it will take a while to get where I want to be.. So I shall stay positive and press on!
Well I shall update you all later ... Stay cool people till next time. Keep Losing and Have Fun!
Peace & Hope1... 
PS I will try to put new update pics soon...

March 5, 2008 Making my mark

Mar 05, 2008

Once Again Hello Family!
All I can say is I love my life,, even the challanges,, Its all good and I am going to try my best to make the best of it all.. For me its just all a blessing I am now 309 lbs and yet losing.. How amazing is this.. People I haven't seen in a while are now really noticing the difference.. but for me I've noticed it from day one, thats why its so important to do what makes you happy and just be who you are.. I am so happy with in my own skin..
Still making sure I stay on top of my protein. and exercise..
I put two new pics up.. I can still see the difference... 
Be Blessed My babies!
Love ya! 

Taking it one step at a time. 2/12/08

Feb 12, 2008

Well Hello All !
Just thought I would drop by and say What's up? Hopefully all is well. 
I am still just enjoying the process!, I do have my days where I wish I was smaller, or I feel like I could be doing so much more like exercising more.. but I know its all working out.. I am encouraged to walk more.. 
Now  I am so concerned about my food intake becuase I can eat  more.. yet I still am not getting in the 1000 calories by far.. but I do make sure I get in my protein!!, for some reason the cravings for sweets is raring its ugly head.. And that does concern me.. I so have a ways to go before I am satisfied with my weight.... just me venting..
Good report!  I can wear regular size cloths now.. Not just the 
Plus shops any longer. "What A Blessing"...Although some day  I would love to have a Beyonce body , but all I can be is me... so I shall just push foward..
Take it easy Family!! 
I put one new pic on dated 2/11/08..

January 25, 2008... And the beat goes on....

Jan 25, 2008

Hello OH Family
It has truley been a minute.. yet each day is cherished.. because life is truley so short.. Take each step and moment and live life to the fullest!
I thought I was living my life to the fullest or at least trying.. But now I can see that I  wasn't ... Now I can say I am living!!.. I am now @335 lbs and thats  135lbs down,,, and I am over joyed.. Some would say thats still very large and trust it is,, yet 135lbs dwn feels so much better to me, now that its not on me..on my knees & back.. Even my activity is more.. Although I still am not a lover of exercise.. I can endure it more.. once I get started it feels so good... So I am encouraged to continue this awesome journey that the Lord has allowed me to take.... And I shall continue to rejoice and give him ALL the Praise!!!!!!!!!!!
i am still trying to get in all my protein & water, but i will get there
take it easy Family.. will update soon or @least try
ps... I finally added 2 new pics

So close yet so far!!!!! December 10-2007

Dec 10, 2007

Hello My OH family!!!
Once again, it has been what seems like forever since I have got on just to update and just say HI!!! Well lets just jump right into my update! I am now 350 lbs,, total lost 117lbs and I am feeling wonderful.. All praises go to Jesus!! I could not have made it thus far without him, and with his guidance I will meet my goal :) there has been so much that is slow changing in my life , but the most encouraging to me is my self esteem, I am loving me,, Wow! how cool is that to say " I AM LOVING ME!!! The changes are the things that have been mentioned on this website over & over again, yet It is such a joy when it truly happening to you. Sitting comfortable in movie seats, booth @ restaurants, going to a regular restroom stalls not handicap's , no belt extensions, walking in the mall with out being out of breathe, shoping in regualr department store,, enjoying the different changes body , face, mind etc.... I know ya feel where I am coming from, and even though I still have a ways to go, I am feeling so good and Know I can go on, Looking foward to touching that light at the end of the tunnel, I can see it and its shinning bright!!! Well a picture is worth a thousand words ,, i will post current pics soon, sorry once again for the delay.
Love ya Family!


Sep 05, 2007

Well Hello to All!

Once again, I don't do well with frequent updating! I am so sorry! 
I am blessed and loving each day I am allowed to see by the grace of God. 
I know am very vague in my updates and I am apologize , one day I will come on and be more detail, the cool thing as of August 30, 2007 I am now out of my 4's YES LAWD!!! I am so grathful! I am looking and feeling alot better I have more energy!
Sharing moment: on 8-30-07 it was a thurday @ my job we had a practice fire drill the office is on the 11th floor! RIGHT!! I had to go down all 11 flights iofstairs, yet I was able to keep up with my co workers and my kness didn't hurt, I wasn't even out of breath,, IT was wonderful. Big difference, look foward to many more expericences to share! i will have to put more pics up soon!
Peace My Family!

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