I've been overweight for pretty much my whole life.  I have always been on the big side, but I really started to gain weight around the time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease (Hypothyroidism).  I have tried all the fad diets, the weight loss supplements, and plain old fashioned eating right and exercising.  I have never been able to take off more than a couple of pounds.  I have been fighting this uphill battle for years.  About 7 years ago, I started researching gastric bypass.  It wasn't until April of 2010 that I decided to pursue weight loss surgery as an option for me.  At first I was convinced that the lap band was want I wanted to do, but after going to the weight loss seminar that my surgeon requires, I started leaning back towards the gastric bypass.  After weighing out the pros and cons of each surgery, plus re-evaluating what my goals were, I decided that the gastric bypass would be the best option for me. 

I have Triwest for insurance.  I kept running into roadblock after roadblock that delayed what normally would be a fairly quick process (for other Triwest patients, so I've heard).  The last roadblock was my initial request being denied.  I took a good 30 days before I sent in my appeal (more appointments, documentation needed, appeal letter, etc).  From there, it took about 45 days until I got the news that my appeal had been approved. 

I am anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time.  I hope everything goes smoothly and that by this time next year, I'll be nearing my ultimate weight loss goal. 

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