1 Month Later...

Jan 10, 2011

Yesterday, 1/9/11, marked 1 month since I had gastric bypass surgery.  My highest weight was 236.  My weight on the morning of surgery was 229.  As of yesterday, I am weighing in at 210.  I have lost of total of 19 pounds since surgery.  It feels like it's going sooo slowly with the weight loss, but when I look back at the month as a whole, 19 pounds isn't too bad.  Not going to complain about that. 

I'm still having issues getting all my liquids in, but each day gets a little better.  I was having a lot of problems finding a protein shake that I could tolerate, but I think I finally found one.  It's a little on the expensive side for me, but it's worth it, because the protein thing has been my biggest battle this past month. 

I am a long way from where I want to be...  My first goal is to get under 200 pounds (hopefully that won't be much longer).  My second goal is to get back to where I was when I met my husband...around 165.  My ultimate goal would sit me right around 130...  I am just trying to focus on the first goal, then move on from there. 

I have noticed that my stomach doesn't look so "preggo" anymore...still a long way to go, but I can finally start to see a little progress being made.  I really need to buy one of those measuring tapes that measure your body inches.  I know there are going to be days, weeks, or more where I may not see the scale move, but I may see inches being lost. 

Well, not much else to say right now.  I am happy with my progress so far :). 

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