Nothing too special going on here. Over the course of about seven years I got fat, and in 2012 I decided weight loss surgery would be an appropriate intervention to: (A) help me get back to being able to exercise regularly, and (B) help me get a handle on my ravenous hunger. I live in the Pacific Northwest, I'm married, and I'm generally some combination of nervous and sleepy.


Oh, and: 

Highest weight was about 250 pounds.

First consultation with Dr. Srikanth, I weighed about 235.

Day of surgery (February 27, 2013), after ten days of clear liquids + protein shakes, I weighed 206. 

Two weeks out, I was at 194.

Eight months out, I was at about 144.

Five+ years out, I've regained and lost a few times. I don't know my exact date as of July 2018, but I suspect i'm back up to ~180 and hope to get back below 170. 160 would be great. We'll see!

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2009, at a friend's wedding. Probably weighed ~250 at this point. (I miss that dress.)
Very awkward selfie! I should probably ask for assistance next time, but I'm impatient.

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