Just a Saturday update

Mar 11, 2017

Yesterday was pretty good! I finally got back on ye olde treadmill and while I didn't break any land speed records it felt like a nice, solid workout: neither easy nor annihilating. 

Today I'm in weekend mode which meant I let myself have a Starbucks beverage (scandalous) and am not tracking my food or being as neurotic as I "should" be (and am, consistently, on workdays.) But aside from that iced-vanilla-sweet-cream-coldbrew thingus I haven't indulged in anything terrible and don't plan to. No strenuous workout planned for today but tonight I will be going back to my volunteer gig (at the place I'd been working at part-time until I got my current job, and where I used to volunteer back before I got laid off from my previous full-time job...my work history is so sad, lol lol). Anyway, volunteering at this place means a couple hours of some standing but mostly walking, so that'll be good. Tomorrow I have specifically designated as a No Plans day, which means no commitments or plans with people. I want to:

  • Make progress on some writing projects, both for my other volunteer gig and for two personal projects I've been bad about working on
  • Get a real workout, either a nice walk outside with husband and dogs or a for-realsies trot on the treadmill if the weather keeps up like it has been
  • Maybe prepare for the D&D session I'm DMing this week, if I feel like it
  • Maybe sew something small, if I feel like it
  • Loaf! 


Right now I'm having a little conversation with myself because I just ate either a hearty snack or a light lunch. I'm trying to make myself understand that I am not hungry. I'm not stuffed, I'm not uncomfortably full, and the urge to keep eating is real. But I need to not do that. It's a struggle. 


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