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Mar 13, 2017

Medium-stressful day at work, with sensations of incompetence and fatuity balanced by flashes of feeling kind-of okayish. So I'll call that a win, especially since it's the Monday after DST and to hell with everything about that. Upon returning home, I hopped on the treadmill for a scintillating fifteen minutes of brisk walking (gotta form that habit) and now I should be printing out materials for tomorrow's D&D session, but meh. I'll get around to it. We also have a friend coming over to watch The Hobbit, so that'll be fun.


Just think good-sleep thoughts for me. I need to rest well, I really do. Especially since I'm getting to work early every day this week so I can take off a couple hours on Thursday for that doctor's appointment I've been looking forward to. Oh, and I emailed the dance studio to see how scheduling their introductory package works. So that's a step toward a fitness-adjacent thing I've been meaning to do! 


Not too much to update, really, just wanted to put this here to remind my future self that I can in fact get a little exercise even when there's stuff going on in the evening. 


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