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Mar 19, 2017

So I finally had my doctor's appointment on Thursday, and it's such a relief to be reestablished with a primary care doc. I like Dr. P a lot. And we went over the results of my bloodwork, which was way way overdue. Turns out my iron isn't quite in the deficiency zone yet, but it's low, so he perscribed a supplement. Wonder if that'll help with my fatigue levels? Anyway, yeah, going to the docter was a good idea. I'll see him again in three months.

Now I still need to:

Make an appointment with the C4WLS to go over bariatric-specific stuff
Make an appointment with the pulmonologist 
Take ye olde CPAP machine in for a tuneup, ugh

Oh, and I got weighed at the doctors. 176 fully clothed. Which...I'll be honest, I was hoping it would be a few pounds less, but whatever. Can't get hung up on that. At least it's heading in the right direction. 

What else is going on? I finally paid for the introductory package (two private lessons plus one drop-in dance session on a Friday night) at the dance studio around the corner. I think I got the lessons scheduled for the end of the month but I'm waiting on confirmation. So that's a thing I've been talking about for a while that will now finally happen. I can move myself from the All Talk, No Action column to the 80% Talk, 20% Action column. 

Another thing I've been doing as part of an attempt to get back into my "good patient" headspace is look up a couple blogs I used to follow religiously. There were three, and each was written by a bariatric patient who had the same kind of surgery I did, two of them around the same time I had mine. One person is doing great—although her marriage has broken up but that doesn't seem like a bad thing, honestly. The others don't seem to be in great places. One hasn't updated since December, when she was contemplating a revision to Duodenal Switch because she'd regained...mayb 75 pounds, maybe more? I guess her knees have been a huge problem too and that's made it impossible to keep up with the exercise routine that had been working for her and she hadn't yet found something that lets her keep up that activity level without destroying her knees. She sounded really unhappy; I wonder how she's doing and hope she updates again soon. The third is in a very rough place, back up to ~300 pounds after getting down to the 170s a few years ago. I am sending her good thoughts for sure. She deserves to feel well and be healthy and I'm just hoping so hard she finds a way back to health. 

That last one in paticular has published some blog posts over the last year that really speak to me. She and I have shockingly similar weird relationships with food. I hope she continues to update too, although I wouldn't blame her if she quit since apparently some people are giving her a shitty time for blogging through her distress. ?! Jerks. I mean, she owes us nothing of course—but if blogging helps her cope, gives her a reason to keep going, I hope she can do it and the jerks can move on to something else. But yeah, her blog is like a portal into an alternate version of my own story and my heart just goes out to her. 

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