Hi my name is Angela Lawson and I had surgery with Dr. Friedman in Pensacola FL. I was not an over weight child until I reached 13. At the age of 13 I started gaining weight and had no period and they did all kind of tests and didn't know why. I tried all kinds of diets and even joined the marching band in high school. Marching band was a lot of work and while working out I also dieted and never saw any change in my weight. Finally at the age of 18 I met a guy who didn't treat me right and emotionally abused me and at that point I didn't eat because of him and lost down to 200 which is the lowest I have ever been. Not a healthy way of losing it either but with no eating and exercising a lot I lost weight. I then got away from him when he started physically abusing me and went through a stalking phase an everything. I met a new guy who is now my husband of 10 years and he treated me right which is when I started seeing the weight come back. I was up to 230 when I got pregnant, he died at 2 minutes old and even though I was on birth control I got pregnant again and he had a bad heart and had to have heart surgery at 9 months old. With all of this my weight ballooned up to 260. I then went on the depo shot and gained more weight that made me 298. 6 Years later I got pregnant again after getting off the depo shot and then got pregnant again on birth control resulting in my weight ballooning up to 338. I started seeing Dr Huynh in April and I got down to 329. I just want to be able to be healthy, happy and be able to play with my kids and have more energy. I was at 317 the day of surgery which was Nov. 22nd 2010 which is my middle childs birthday . Everything went great I felt bad the first day bt after that it wasnt that bad.       

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