10 months out

Sep 12, 2011

I am 10 months out and the scales are moving much slower. I was stuck at 200 for a long time and now at 195. I know what I am doing wrong and need to change it. Today I am going back to taking my pills on schedule, getting my protien in properly, and making sure I drink enough water. I have been getting my protien in and taking my pills until 3 days ago so i am getting back on track with that. The water has been hard lately so I bought me some bottled water and that is all I am going to drink today so I can get use to it again. I hope the scales start moving again because I would like to hit my goal of 170 by a year out, which I dont think is going to happen. Anyway I am doing good but we have had some major changes lately. I moved to an apartment that is double the size  of my house, and got a new dog. We love the new apartment and we are much happier here. Finacially we are bad right now but I am hoping that will get bette soon. I am looking for a job but since I havent worked for 8 years no one wants to hire me. Anyway thanks for letting me rant. I will update again soon.

34 weeks

Jul 19, 2011

I am 34 weeks and my weight loss slowed to a hault while I was on vacation. I was not a very god rule follower on vacation. I had not even taken a drink of soda till I went on vacation and I ate fried foods. I am just lucky I did not gain any weight. well I am happy i am losing again.

Week 30

Jun 20, 2011

I did not write last week but I did not really ahve any news anyway. I had not lost any weight and nothing new. This week I am going down again but I was eating things I shoudlnt so i am trying to get back on track today. I am going to Ohio to visit family this weekend comming up and we have a lot to do before it gets here. We did not think we were going to get to go but now that we are we have to clean, pack, and get our finances together. Anyway I am feeling good this week and can not wait to see all of my friends and family. The only sad thing is that I only have one pair of jeans, a skirt and 2 shirts to take on the trip. Oh well I guess it will save room for packing. I will update next week.
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week 28

Jun 06, 2011

Well this week was pretty good except I am probably not going to get to go to my reunion like we had planned because we do not have the money. I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to this and now we can not go. I wouldnt mind too much normally if it wasnt for the fact that this is my school reunion and it wont happen agian for a long time. I had some bad gas pain over the weekend and thought I might have to go to the ER because it was really bad. It finally went away after 5 hours of pain. Thats really about it, I only lost 2 pounds this week but I am still working on it. My math class is finally over with and now I am starting new classes. well I will update again next week.

Week 27

May 30, 2011

I had a big lose this week which I am happy about. I feel great and I am doing great. I am going to see my husbands family next month and a bunch of people from high school. I am a little nervous but mostly excited for them to see me. I weighed 220 in high school and most of them have seen me last year when I weighed 340 so now that I am down to 212 I do not think hey will know what to say. I am hoping by then I will be down below 200 which I have not been that low since Jr. High. Anyway  I will update later.

Week 26 (6 months out)

May 22, 2011

Well I am starting to drop again which is good. I am happy with how far I have come. I have lost so much and feel so much better. We got a fish tank and I finally put it all up last night. My mom has my fish in her tank so I have to go get them today. I am excited. It looks so nice. I had a busy weekend, with my grandpa being in the hospital, my niece staying with us all weekend, and my school I did not clean any so now I have to play catch up. Other than that I am doing good and feel good. I was suppose to ahve my 6 month appointment with my doctor but he had to cancel so now my 6 month appoint isnt till the end of july which I will be 8 months by then. I really have no more news right now I will write again next week.

Week 25

May 15, 2011

Well I am almost 6 months out and I am still feeling and doing great. I get most of my protien through food but every once in a while I drink a protien shake. I found some D3 chewable tabs that are really good I just wish they made calcium that tasted that good. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled last week on one side of my mouth and 3 fillings done and this week I am going to get the other side of my wisdom teeth done and one filling. I was suppose to have a crown done but for now that is just too expensive so it will ahve to wait. I had a wow moment though. I thought I was in a stall and wasnt losing anything and I went into the store and my husband had to wait for me outside and was going to pick me up at the door and I waited and noone came. I looked around but there were too many cars that looked like mine so I just waited and then he finally came. He said he did not recognize me and that is why he did not come. He kept looking and finally he seen it was me. I asked him if it was because I had lost wieght in general that he did not notice it was me or just a recent weight loss. He said recent weight loss because it had gotten use to the other weight loss. That made me feel so good. Then I weighed today and I am back on track with losing. I only lost 3 pounds but I weighed in late last week so I am not too worried. I need to get back to the gym and start my routine again. Well Thats all for now I will post again next week.
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week 24

May 12, 2011

I wanted to write on monday but things got busy. I did not lose much this past week but I know why and I am making the changes needed. I had two wisdome teeth extracted on wednesday and 3 fillings done and teusday I go back in for the other two wisdom teeth and another filling. I will then go in again for a crown in 3 weeks. This will teach me not to go so long without going to the dentist. I am pretty sure I had these cavities when I went to the last dentist though because they were sensitive to sweets but he said they were just sensitive. I think he was wrong because it is exaxtly where the cavities are now. Anyway Everything is good other than that. I am trying new protien shakes and trying to find good calcium. I will updat next week sometime.

Week 23

May 02, 2011

Well I am doing good except I am on my monthly visit so that means I am bloated, cranky, and achy. I went to the beach yesterday and plan on going again today. It was nice and my girls enjoyed it. I feel so much better with so much more energy. The last time I was at the beach I could hardly walk through the sand but this time I even carried chairs out there. We walked the shore line and we also enjoyed sitting in the breeze and watching the waves and birds. Anyway I am doing pretty good and will update again next week.

Week 22

Apr 25, 2011

Well I just went by my 5 th month anniversary for my surgery on the 22nd. I am still doing and feeling great. I am having problems with my wisdome teeth but it will get taken care on the 5th of may. I also found out I have some cavities that need filled and I will probably do them then also. I am down another 5 pounds this week which I am so happy about. I have been swimming which feels great. My mom has her surgery on teusday please keep her in your prayers. I am hoping when she feels better we will get to go back to the gym and get back in a routine. Anyway Easter went really good. I did have me some pieces of candy over the weekend but i am back on track today. Well i will update next week or maybe sooner.

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