10 months out

Sep 12, 2011

I am 10 months out and the scales are moving much slower. I was stuck at 200 for a long time and now at 195. I know what I am doing wrong and need to change it. Today I am going back to taking my pills on schedule, getting my protien in properly, and making sure I drink enough water. I have been getting my protien in and taking my pills until 3 days ago so i am getting back on track with that. The water has been hard lately so I bought me some bottled water and that is all I am going to drink today so I can get use to it again. I hope the scales start moving again because I would like to hit my goal of 170 by a year out, which I dont think is going to happen. Anyway I am doing good but we have had some major changes lately. I moved to an apartment that is double the size  of my house, and got a new dog. We love the new apartment and we are much happier here. Finacially we are bad right now but I am hoping that will get bette soon. I am looking for a job but since I havent worked for 8 years no one wants to hire me. Anyway thanks for letting me rant. I will update again soon.


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