Moving along nicely but slow.....

Mar 04, 2020

Hey Friends... Its been almost 5 month since my revision. All is well except for my sugars dropping too low on occation and a few episodes of vomiting.  Im off all diabetes meds and losing weight kinda slowly but happy. My revision surgery start weight was 222 lb now im at 187lb. Very greatful to still be losing. My GERD is GONE. Everything is better My sleeping patterns my bathroom usage my energy!!!!!! Sooo happy I made this decision and had My revision and for the surgeon who completed it Dr Barkin! Wonderful Surgeon!!!!! Looking forward to a nice Spring!!

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Its moving again...

Nov 27, 2019

I dont know how but im at onederland once again. 199.8 Im extremelly happy. Hoping to get to my goal of 168-170. 

Bad news is im dumping. Happened about 4+ times since surgery. No very pleasant either.

Sooooo on that note Everyone Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 


6 weeks Revision post op

Nov 24, 2019

Hey everyone and Happy Holidays!

Had my revision all went well with No issues! I healed amazingly quick. Can tolerate diet perfectly.

Im down 20 lbs and doing well. I get naseous alot but only vomited 2x. My GERD IS GONE! Soo happy about that!! I sleep better have more energy and use the bathroom! Constipation issues have gotten better. Glad I did this revision! and i love my surgeon he is wonderful! Im hoping to lose a few more lbs to goal weight of 168 wish me luck!


4 Days till Revision to Bypass

Oct 03, 2019

Hey Friends....

Well im 4 days till surgery and nervous as can be. Im trying to keep calm and not worry. This liquid diet is extremelly hard i dont remember it being this dificult the first time around. Im hoping for a successful surgery with No complications and quick recovery process!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!! Huggs


Revision Approved

Aug 27, 2019

Hey friends! About 2 weeks ago I went and got a second opinion on a revision from sleeve to bypass. The surgeon agreed that I need it. So they submitted to my insurance. Now drs office said it might take some time and additional criteria on what i would need to do to be approved. Well wat do you know 1 day after my birthday which is today We get the notification that my surgery is APPROVED!!!!!!! Both the coordinator and myself are in a state of shock! All i need to do is get my clearance from my primary and cardio and my surgery is sceduled for 10/7 Im in a state of shock! This is all happening soo fast but nonetheless im soo happy that I can move forward in my journey to a healthier Me. Now the nerves are kicking in alittle bit! Hoping Surgery and healing is a breeze. Thanks for reading hoping my story helps others! Well keep posting....


Almost 3 years out......

Aug 13, 2019

Hello Friends! Hope Summer is treating well. Ive been on a depression ride. My Gerd is horrible, even with meds nothing works. My weight is 220lbs. So i have had some regain. I went thru alot of anxiety to have a EGD- which came back ok but showing my hiatel hernia. My surgeon is very hesitant to even talk about revision. Im getting frustrated with having any more meds. I cannot take meds for the rest of my life. Anyways so i decided to go and get a second opinion. Met with another surgeon he seemed very nice and understanding. He evaluated my case and said yes to revision. So im currently waiting for insurance approval or the criteria in what i need to do. Or which clearances I will need. Everyday has been a struggle and worry for me. Im hoping everything goes well and im back on the right track with my health. Having bad GERD effects everything so getting that under control plus hopefully losing a few more lbs will be a bonus. I will keep you posted, enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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14 months Out

Apr 23, 2018

Hello friends. Im doing well this spring. Weight loss has been slow and at a stall lately. HW 307 SW 294 CW 192 GW 168. Ive been fluxuating 5 lbs up and down for the past month plus. Im still in good spirits and tring my best to get to goal weight but still very happy and greatful for the weight i have already lost. Hoping to lose the last 20 and keep it off. Everything is better now health wise for me im soo glad i did this surgery! A lifesaver truly!



Dec 29, 2017

So yeserday I finally made it to Onederland! 199.2 Very happy!

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almost 7 months out

Sep 18, 2017

Hello friends. Well summer is gone and it was nice. Im at 214 lbs and im doing well. Ive come a long way lost a total of 80 lbs. I believe its going slow but at least its going. I can eat anything but of course with strong restriction. I often find myself having a Gas X after a meal. It is getting better. Im severly anemic, and taking slofe iron which in turn makes me constipated. its so crazy. My Dr says those iron numbers have to rise of i will be getting iron infusions.. I still cant believe im at this weight im happy but its still hard for me to see myself .if you know wat i mean. I still feel like im almost 300 lbs.... I do have much more energy and sleep well at night. I got a bike for my birthday in august and have been riding 2ce. Im hoping to ride some more before the weather gets too cold. I really want to get to my goal weight of 168 at least by my 1 year anniversary in february. i will be extremlly happy getting to onederland hopefully soon! Im alittle fearful the weightloss will slow or stop . I know its all in my mind. im overall much healthier n happy. Hope to write soon.!!!! Happy Autumn!!!!!!!!

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Almost 5 months out....

Jul 12, 2017

Hello friends! Happy Summer! Im doing well at 230.2 lbs. I think im a slow loser but its fine as long i continue losing! So that makes 62 lbs gone in almost 5 months! I havent been at this weight in a very long time. Im finally experiencing a joy i havent in years! I have more energy, im feeling better and im content to know im healthier. Only issues ive had is extreme hair loss at exactly 3 months out. I freaked! Especially in the shower while washing and omg in my brush its so crazy!!! Ive started using Renpure biotin and collagen shampoo and conditioner. Im gonna say after 2 weeks its getting better less hair falling out. Also ive been getting acid reflux alot. Waking up in the night with a horrible acid taste in my mouth my throat burning! I had to eat like 6 tums for it to stop. Very scarey. Im gonna tell my surgeon on the visit in august. Im taking omprezole but maybe i need a stronger dose?!? U know most of the time id rather drink my premier protein shakes instead of eating. but dr wants at least 2 meals and a shake hard to do sometimes!! So overall im happy i did the sleeve and grateful for my weightloss! Will write back soon enjoy ur Summer!!

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