Almost 5 months out....

Jul 12, 2017

Hello friends! Happy Summer! Im doing well at 230.2 lbs. I think im a slow loser but its fine as long i continue losing! So that makes 62 lbs gone in almost 5 months! I havent been at this weight in a very long time. Im finally experiencing a joy i havent in years! I have more energy, im feeling better and im content to know im healthier. Only issues ive had is extreme hair loss at exactly 3 months out. I freaked! Especially in the shower while washing and omg in my brush its so crazy!!! Ive started using Renpure biotin and collagen shampoo and conditioner. Im gonna say after 2 weeks its getting better less hair falling out. Also ive been getting acid reflux alot. Waking up in the night with a horrible acid taste in my mouth my throat burning! I had to eat like 6 tums for it to stop. Very scarey. Im gonna tell my surgeon on the visit in august. Im taking omprezole but maybe i need a stronger dose?!? U know most of the time id rather drink my premier protein shakes instead of eating. but dr wants at least 2 meals and a shake hard to do sometimes!! So overall im happy i did the sleeve and grateful for my weightloss! Will write back soon enjoy ur Summer!!

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