Latest Pic and update.....

Dec 09, 2009

As of today I have reached my goal weight of 135lbs.  Gone back to work and am working on continuing my education.  Here is latest pic of me since I am down nearly 200lbs. 


New Pics

Oct 25, 2008

Uploaded a couple of new 7 months post-op and down 125lbs.

And the losing continues......

Sep 26, 2008

As of the 25th I'm officially down 115lbs in 7 months.  Yipppeeee!!!  I'm down from a 4xl to an 18 and in the next few weeks I plan to be out of plus sizes all together.  My blood work was good and my energy level is amazing!  In fact it's so good that I've been looking for a job and am ready to get off my disability.  Have had 2 interviews so far, but no luck yet.

Hang in there folks,,,,it's soooo worth it.  WLS will give you a new chance at life!

The Century Mark Has Come And Gone

Aug 10, 2008

As of 8-09-08 I have dropped 106 lbs!!  I still don't believe it's real even after typing it!.  Lots of things have happened that I never thought would.  Exercise has become my friend and I miss it when I don't do it.  My pomeranian buddy got sick and we had to have him put down.  School's about to start and I've started looking for a job.  Not bad for someone who's been technically disabled for the last 5 years.

Got Ahead of Myself

Jun 27, 2008

Got a little ahead of myself there.  As of today I'm down 88lbs.  Saw the Dr. yesterday and she was very happy.  My labs were good, she approves of my vit regimen and I'm feeling great.  
Haven't had a chance to workout as much as I would like, but that happens when the kids are out for the summer.  I've been so busy I'm dizzy, lol.  So I get to keep doing what I'm doing and go back in 3 months.  
The dr. wasn't as worried about the protien as I was and said that it was normal to loose some hair when the weight comes off this fast so all in all I'm extremely happy.

More Losing Ahead

Jun 05, 2008

Great news again,  I'm well on my way to being a member of the century club!!  I'm down 82 lbs.  Yippeeeeee!!!!!  Had my visit with the Dr. a couple of weeks ago and I was down 20 lbs. in one month which is perfect she said.  Don't have to go back for 6 weeks and maybe by then I'll be at the century mark. 

The bad news is I'm still having problems with my protien and losing a bit of hair.  Don't know what to do, everything is starting to make me gag and I can barely tolerate the water but I struggle daily to get enough in.

My moods come and go, but I believe that has more to do with losing my mom than with the WLS.  I just got back from my son's high school graduation in Panhandle.  I'm sooo very proud of him and he was so excited to see how much I've lost. I did notice that I acted more like my old self.  Didn't hang back and hide from people, I talked, laughed, smiled and had a great time.  Soon I hope to have some  new pics to upload.


May 01, 2008

Great news---I've lost 62lbs so far!!!  I got released to work out as of my last appointment and the Dr. was nice enough to write me a script for physical therapy so I wouldn't have to join a gym.  Soooo.....I've been working out for about 45 min on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  On the other days I've been walking a mile in 30 minutes.  I can hardly believe how far I've come and how much energy I have these days.  I've even been told that I've started walkin with a bounce in my step.  That I look like I feel better, lol, which I do.  

Go back to see Dr. Patel and Dr. Rogers on the 16th of this month.  Hope to be down by 75lbs by then which is totally do able.  I actually can't wait to find out what Patel has to say :-)   First time ever I have looked forward to a Dr's appointment.  I'll also have the results of my first post-op blood work done so I'll know how to adjust my vits, or if I'll even need to adjust them.  

Will post after next appointment.


Apr 22, 2008

I've been walking and released as of this week to start exercising.  I go for my first post-surgery labs tomorrow so we'll see how my Vits and stuff are going but the really big news is that I've lost 55lbs.  Seems I started out slow but it really kicked in to gear over the last month.   This has been a hard time...still doing soft foods...they feel the best and I tolerate them better, but we lost my mother on the 1st of the month.   So even for all my accomplishments and strides I'm still abit down.    

Go back to see the Dr. on the 16th in May...hopefully all will be well and the weightloss will be at a steady loss rate.

No More Liquids....

Mar 23, 2008

Well, the news is in and I lost 17lbs in my first 3 weeks.  The Dr. wasn't impressed and neither was I to tell the truth.  We think that it's because my blood pressure meds have had me on a diuretic for so long that my body is trying to adjust and get rid of all the excess fluids.  

Got released for food and over did it right off the bat and made myself sick so much that I started bleeding internally and had to make a trip to the emergency room.  They gave me meds to keep me from being nauseated and I backed off to liquids and soft foods for the time being.  The good news is that I've lost 10 more pounds in the last week and half.  

I'm Officially A Loser

Mar 06, 2008

After all the mess and the hoopla...I got a call from Northeast Baptist hospital telling me that I had an appointment for pre-op testing and that my surgery was scheduled for the 20th.  Which was just about 5 days.  

Needless to say I was blown away and confused as to what to do.  After much talking and praying I went for it and spent the next few days getting blood drawn and having another stress test.  

As of today I'm 2 weeks post op, still on a liquid diet and getting over the soreness.  Doing better every day and still posetive that this was the best decision I've made for myself.

Don't have a working scale so I don't have any data about how much I've lost so far.  Will have more details after next week when I go back for my 3 wk appointment with Dr. Patel.

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