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Jan 12, 2009

March-So, 3 months out--I posted a new avatar--but not sure I see a difference. I mean, I do see some difference, but not much. I am down 67 pounds since surgery and 82 all together, so that is a darn good chunk and I do feel it in clothes. But, don't think I SEE all 82 pounds. But, really, I FEEL much better than before and my sugars are on the downward slide--slowly, very slowly. But, that is ok with me! They're going the right way, so...I really shouldn't complain! Well, I will try to check in much more often. =) Hope you are all doing well, too.

Before I go....so, I posted a rant on the Rants & Raves board. I guess I just was in a pissy mood. And, once aagin, I get attacked there. Then, I feel terrible because I was just in a pissy mood. So..my point...I'm really not a mean person. I am done with Rants & Raves. I am just not meant for that board. So, please don't think badly of me. I really am a nice girl! =)

So, since my last post, I am trying to get my liquid in each day. I have started using smaller bottles so that each one goes faster. =) I aim for 4 bottles a day, which puts me just over my 64 ounces. I have also tried to start exercising, though I think I over-did it the first couple of days because boy, was I sore! I am also logging my food in on thedailyplate.com, to help track my protein, calories, carbs, etc. It seems to be helping me. When I don't take a look at what I eat,in list form, I mean,  it seems to be so easy to eat too much, even now. So, I am trying to do the right things and I am hoping that I will continue to see results, both with my weight and my health. It's kind of funny because the other day, I calculated how much I have lost so far and I realized that it was a good chunk of weight. I had my surgery on Dec. 1st and I am currently at 285 pounds--down 45 since I came home from the hospital and down 60 from my highest of 340! So, when I sat back and thought about that, I mean 45 pounds in less than a month and a half--that's pretty darn good! (Of course I don't really see it yet, but I can feel it in my clothes.) So, I shouldn't beat myself up so much--I'm doing okay. I know that I had and still have lots of medical obsticles, like my diabetes--so, as long as I am losing and paying attention and doing the right things--like drinking and eating healthy foods, why am I upset with myself? LOL I guess I had a preconceived notion of how much or how quickly I "should" lose. But, I need to let go of that--I think I have. =) And, now it's just one day at a time--I know I sound like an addict, but I am finally admitting that maybe I AM an addict--well, recovering, maybe. As Oprah said, both her and my drug of choice is food. So true.


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