Apr 09, 2012

 I still have managed to keep the weight off.  I weigh 154 now, and I work constantly to keep it off.  The surgery was just a tool,   I count every calorie, and watch every carb I eat.  I refuse to go back to be the unhealthy person I was before.  I can move freely and enjoy the things I can do now that I could not do before. It's not easy, and I can backslide easily if I am not careful.  I have to put myself on the list of must do's, or I forget to take the time to take care of myself

Quite happy, but much saggy skin!

Oct 22, 2009

Okay, I am now 10.5 months post op and  weigh 158.  I am wearing a size 10!  Even they are gettiing a little big.  If I choose to go with skin removal, that would be about 20-30 lbs of skin, and it is really bothering me.  I get discouraged having to tuck the loose skin into my pants, but still unsure of the risk and down time associated with surgery.  I have 6 kids and 4 of them still live at home, I don't know if I can have as much recovery time if I choose to do it.  I do know that if insurance doesnt pay, it really will not be an option.

August 13 already

Aug 13, 2009

It is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly.  I am now weighing in at 165!  That is 110 lbs.  Have a nasty sinus infection that has totally changed my taste buds and making any food just unwanted, so have been drinking most of my proteins this week.  Have been fighting fevers all week and finally went to the doc today.  I didnt know that I had a sinus infection but my joints were killing me, seem the infection had spread to every joint in my body.  Which is another thing I did not know. and hope never to experience again!  School starts next week (amen) and I return to my regular mom bus duties of 4 kids to 3 different schools.  I am looking forward to a few hours a day without somebody telling me their bored! 

Wow, time sure flies!

Jun 09, 2009

     Well, I am 6 months post op now, and am quite pleased with my progress.  I had my 6 month check up and labs run and am doing good.  Thyroid meds were too strong, so they adjusted it.  I need to go back on my potassium supplement, but that is a chronic problem for me, nothing to do with surgery.  All other labs were good. 
     I have lost 61% of my excess body fat, and 60% was where I was expected to be, so right on target there.  That means I am down 97lbs. since starting this whole journey.  Foods are a challenge some days, but much better than they used to be.  I am still losing more hair than I would like, but it is a small price to pay for feeling so much better!


Mar 11, 2009

     i made it!!!!!  It has been a very frustrating time, but I weighed 198 this morning!  If anyone had ever told me that this was possible, I would have never believed it!  I am now requireing no meds or insulin for diabetes and am off a few more meds as well.  It is not easy by any means, but, being healhier makes it well worth it for me. 
     I still have a hard time with many foods and throw up much more than I would like to, thats for sure.  I am learning to add new foods much more slowly and take very small bites.  It is definitely a life changing surgery, but is no way an easy fix.  For me, it was the only way to get off any significant weight, because I surely tried every other way!  Now down 61lbs since surgery and 77 since pre-surgery diet.

Ok, progress, but I am impatient!

Feb 27, 2009

Well, I am now at 205, that is 54lbs weight loss since surgery on Dec. 2, and a total of 70 lbs since starting optifast on Nov.1.  Onederland is getting closer and closer.  I am walking at least 3 miles 6days a week, and have managed to do 5 miles a few times.  I go back to the doc on March 6th, and hope to be at 199, but think that could be a little impossible, I seem to manage about 3 lbs a week weigh loss.  I purchased  a gold chain for myself as a gift to me when I finally make it to onederland.  I have made my hubby hide it and not give it to me till I am there.  Hoping that will give me an incentive to get there faster.  But bascially, your body will only do so much.  I still don't think this is a easy road, I throw up much more than I like, and often have to go back to soft foods.  But what this surgery has done for my health has been amazing!  I will post again after my docs visit next week.  Thank you for all the advice and encouragement.

Surgery two months ago today!

Feb 02, 2009

I thought I would post because today marks two months since my wls.  Since my surgery I am now down 44 lbs, and 60 exactly since I started my presurgery diet on Nov.1st.  I have been able to quit taking one cholesterol med, 2 blood pressure meds, one type of insulin, and two oral meds for diabetes.  It won't be long until my blood sugars are able to stabilze themselves on there own.  I used to use 90 units of lantus a day and am now down to 15 without anything else.  I feel so much better and am walking 3 miles a day, rain or shine without any trouble at all. 
  My starting weight was 275, and now am 215.  Maybe onederland will be possible for me too!  If I never lost another pound the changes in my health have made the surgery well worth it for me.  I will be the first to admit that this is not at all easy, and this wls changes every aspect of your life.  But for me, no matter how much I adhered to every diet, especially after becoming diabetic, nothing I did would get any weight off.  Food is not important anymore, I can use it as a fuel for my body as it was meant to be, not as a form of entertainment.  It is definitely not for everyone, but was a lifesaver for me.
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Jan. 13, 2009

Jan 12, 2009

Today is 6 weeks post op.  I have lost 35 lbs. so far since surgery, and 51 lbs. since starting this journey.  I know that my clothes size has changed, and that I feel so much better.  Personally my head hasn't seen much change, but that takes time.  I am walking 2.5 miles almost everyday, even in the rain with umbrella if I have to.  I have a treadmill, but it makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel, so I would rather walk outside.   I use the Wii fit for 15 minutes at least each day, especially the boxing to use my arms more, it wears me out, so I hope it is making a difference.  The saggy skin is making me very squishy feeling, (Yuck!) but that is the price you pay.  The diabetes is improving greatly, and in time should get even better.
      I am having a few issues switching to soft solids and have thrown up a couple times( truely scarey)  a few things I am still pureeing, especially meats.  I still eat 2 oz.  5 times a day, and that fills me up completely.  The protein is getting easier to handle as well as the fluids.  Overall, I am a very happy camper!

4 weeks post op

Jan 01, 2009

Had the first doc. appointment yesterday, and for once and my life the doc was thrilled with my progress.  I am now at 30 lbs. lost , 43 since starting the Optifast, and my BMI has gone from 50.1 to 42.3.  That still sounds like quite a big hurdle to tackle, but can only take it one day at a time.  I am on pureed food for another week and am suppossed to eat 6 times a day.  The amount is 2-3 oz. at a time.  Well, I did 6 only one day.  I can manage 2 oz. 5 times a day, but not 6, thats for sure.  If I was to try to get in all the fluids, protein and food they wanted me to tackle in a day, there would be no time for sleep.  So I decided protein and fluid were the most important, and of course the vitamins.  My incisions have all healed nicely, and I am still managing to walk to  2 miles a day.   Right now, I consider myself very lucky, compared to some, this has been a complication free for me.  Thank you, God. 

Exercise is Progressing

Dec 28, 2008

Well, I actually walked two miles yesterday, and again today.  Even more amazing, I didn't totally hate it.  Unfortunately, the kids are out of school, and it was raining.  So it was me, DH, and the 4 kids all walking the paths with 6 umbrellas.  I am sure we looked like some kind of circus, but I don't care anymore.  I am feeling better and better and am finally beginning to see the results.  Hey, I looked down my body yesterday and could actually see my shoes!!   For once my gut wasn't in my way.  Then I went to Wal-Mart to look at jeans.  I bought a 16!!!!  Of course, they are stretch jeans, but 16's!  The ones I had on were 24's and I couldn't stand having to pull them up constantly.  I go to the doc on Wed. for my 4 week check-up, hopefully I have lost as much as I should by now.  We will see. 

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