4 weeks post op

Jan 01, 2009

Had the first doc. appointment yesterday, and for once and my life the doc was thrilled with my progress.  I am now at 30 lbs. lost , 43 since starting the Optifast, and my BMI has gone from 50.1 to 42.3.  That still sounds like quite a big hurdle to tackle, but can only take it one day at a time.  I am on pureed food for another week and am suppossed to eat 6 times a day.  The amount is 2-3 oz. at a time.  Well, I did 6 only one day.  I can manage 2 oz. 5 times a day, but not 6, thats for sure.  If I was to try to get in all the fluids, protein and food they wanted me to tackle in a day, there would be no time for sleep.  So I decided protein and fluid were the most important, and of course the vitamins.  My incisions have all healed nicely, and I am still managing to walk to  2 miles a day.   Right now, I consider myself very lucky, compared to some, this has been a complication free for me.  Thank you, God. 


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