2 1/2 years out update......

Mar 31, 2009

 OK I have wanted to post for awhile but I knew it would take time plus I was afraid of scaring people and I don't want to do that.  I had a bad deal with my RNY and now its not the surgery type or any of that mess it is research before hand on my part.  I ended up the first round with a Dr. that was not honest about himself and his credentials.  First off I lay-ed in a local hospital about 15 months when I did get to come home I was on an IV pole alot of you will remember this.  I was on pain meds for so long that I became addicted had to put myself into a rehab to get off of all of the mess.  I am clean and sober for over a year now I am proud of that.  Well when I finally got to a Surgeon that would take me and look at what was done (exploratory) surgery was the only way.  He found where my diaphragm had been knicked by the lapriscopic tool in the original surgery and had healed around one of the main blood vessels going to your intestines they could not function.  I got down to 80 lbs at one time.  I also had a Fistula and they fixed that also.  Well I did well for about 6 months and then wammo I had 3 bleeding ulcers due to having an heart attack back in July and having to take plavix and aspirin.  They had put in a coated stint and you have to take plavix.   I now have 4 heart stints got my first when I was 32.  Well they don't know why but I now have a transit time of 15 Min's and I absorb nothing hardly at all.  They cant find a solution and it is very painful.  I exist most days but I still feel without the bypass I would not be here.  I just want to tell everyone please research your Dr.  Do not take his/her charming word for anything it is your life.  Research and know facts when you go into this.  I am now 100 lbs soaking wet.  It hurts to eat but I make myself anyway I am in and out of the hospital about every 3 weeks getting built back up.  I am alive though and I was told over and over I would not live to see 40 prior to surgery and I am now 41 and just had a new grand baby never thought I would see that day.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask I will answer.  Love you all and good luck Renee A.


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