Lost my baby brother.

May 01, 2009

Hey everyone I just wanted to reach out for some OH prayers and support.  My 21 year old brother was riding his bike on the nature trails here in Wildwood park in Florence Al.  He hit a tree root and it knocked him off balance and he fell down a 20 foot incline and then fell off a 50 foot Cliff.  He was injured terribly and probably did not ever know what happened.  It was the headline here for 2 days in the paper.  I lost my Dad a little over a year ago and that was really hard on my mother.  Now she is grieving her Baby boy.  She had him when she was 45 and he was her rock after loosing dad.  My mom is having such a hard time.  And those of you that know me know I have been really sick.  God has held me up through all of this keeping up with my family and trying to be there every day for her.  I don't ask Why I will never know the why,  Jesse was a wonderful boy and was doing everything right in life already had his own home was on the Deans list at College car paid for, I mean a good boy.  He knew where he was going in life.  All I know is God reached out his hand and Jesse went and never looked back.  Please if you will keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers she is a good woman and is having a hard time.  Love you all Renee A.


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