Stress eating OH MY!

Mar 24, 2014

I know summer is around the corner and I need to seriously get my stress weight gain under control!  Come on girl you can do it!

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Vegas is food sin city

May 04, 2011

Spent the weekend in Vegas for the first time and did very well the first few days, then I made the buffet mistake...  I stayed with crab, shrimp, fruit and salad and was very proud.  But the the next day I developed a bad case of oops.  The problem was visiting a " Chocolate" place called Max Brenner.  OMG    I looked over the menu and ended up with the chocolate chip cookie plate.  The server was making fun of me asking if I wanted skim milk with that.  B****!  Ate only 1/3 and saved the rest for my hubby.

All in all, Vegas is really sin food city but I survived.  Hitting the gym to pay for it.  Ok, how many miles do I walk/swim/bike to pay for this weekend?         

Protein is our friend!

Apr 27, 2011

 I weighed in for my second week and lost another 2 pounds.  

But what is so great about increasing your protein is it helps with the cravings and the feeling of being full.  Through out my first journey when ever my weight slowed down or stopped I increased my protein and it helped (changed up my exercise as well). When ever I was craving something I would eat protein or drink a protein drink and it stopped the cravings.  The only exception was when I first had my surgery and due to the swelling I couldn't get down hardly anything at first

So if you are not happy with your weight loss or battling cravings try upping your protein, it just may be your best friend 

Eating and Holidays.

Apr 25, 2011

 I am so glad I had upped my protein before Easter Holiday dinner.  It has really helped with the cravings and helping with controlling the amount I eat.  

Tomorrow will be my 2nd weigh in and anxious to see how it's going.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  


First Zumba Class

Apr 24, 2011

  I am going to my first Zumba class tonight and now that I don't hack up a lung moving I am looking forward to it.  I have seen lots of great things posted about it.  Wish me luck  

Talk to the mirror

Apr 13, 2011

Where is the Ben Gay after one day at the gym  

My legs have left me and took a cab to the rehab center.  My ass has filed abuse charges against me.  And I can't feel anything above the waist    

When you start again you have to do some serious talkin to the mirror, that's what got me through the first time to success and I needed to do it again.  Thank god no one was video recording this convo last night I had with myself in the mirror. . . 

Devil:     I gained because my surgeon sucks and failed me!
Angel:    Nope he is too good and cute too.
Devil:     I gained because my pouch stretched out!
Angel:    Nope, can't eat much at one time or I will get sick, even 5 years plus out.
Devil:     But you can eat again in a few hours?
Angel:    Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.  Head hunger, head hunger, head hunger
Devil:     It's defective!
Angel:    Defective what?  You didn't have anything put in.
Devil:     You are dealing with transfer addiction!
Angel:    Transfer from what?  Food addiction to food addiction.
Devil:     Well it has to be someones fault it can't be you?
Angel:    Yes it is.

Whew that was heavy and I needed a cookie after that, but got some fruit with almond butter instead.     



Apr 12, 2011


They say it's better the second time around.  Let's try it and see....  I am going to come here daily and post about what will help me get through another day, successfully.  It may be about food, exercise, mood, humor, success and failures, if failure is the word of the day.  Get out of it what you want, it's for me and if I help others along the way the more the better  Join me if you want, I am sure I am not alone.  I will tell you I am several years out, my "tool" did not fail, I failed.  Here goes..

I just got back from the gym for the first time in a L O N G T I M E!  I sat in the car for several mins, it was so hard to walk in there. The last time I was there I was in kick ass shape and looked that way too.  As I walked in with my head hanging down, I got the courage to glance at my reflection. Damn that big tee shirt didn't hide the fat like I thought.  WTH, I looked skinny at home    I want to do a couple of weeks of cardio first before getting into weights.  I know that is what works for me. I put the earplugs in and walked towards the gym, sweat towel (not sure if its big enough) and water bottle in hand.

I went over to the 
epileptic machine and to my surprise I remember how to turn it on.  I got on and before I knew it my legs and arms were moving, YEAH BABY, and I was huffing and puffing and sweating like a pork sandwich (I know but fish didn't sound right).  It was only 3 mins into the workout   

With the help of good tunes and a few "pauses" I got through 30 mins.  Yeah me....the next part shocked me but makes sense.  Don't read if you have a weak tummy.

Have you ever seen them on the Biggest Loser where they throw up after the first big workout?  I started hacking and hacking and thought my lung was coming up.  Thank god no one was in the bathrooms.  I started coughing up shit like crazy. Then I realized, it was my body trying to breath, trying to get healthy, trying to remind me there is a price to pay for crapping on it....

I made it home, barely.  Walked in the door and my husband looked at me like I got hit by a bus, I waved him off  and hit the shower where I proceeded to cough up crap for 15 mins.  Once I was done I felt able to breath, and felt good.....  Geez and this was day one.  

Stay tuned 

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