Talk to the mirror

Apr 13, 2011

Where is the Ben Gay after one day at the gym  

My legs have left me and took a cab to the rehab center.  My ass has filed abuse charges against me.  And I can't feel anything above the waist    

When you start again you have to do some serious talkin to the mirror, that's what got me through the first time to success and I needed to do it again.  Thank god no one was video recording this convo last night I had with myself in the mirror. . . 

Devil:     I gained because my surgeon sucks and failed me!
Angel:    Nope he is too good and cute too.
Devil:     I gained because my pouch stretched out!
Angel:    Nope, can't eat much at one time or I will get sick, even 5 years plus out.
Devil:     But you can eat again in a few hours?
Angel:    Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.  Head hunger, head hunger, head hunger
Devil:     It's defective!
Angel:    Defective what?  You didn't have anything put in.
Devil:     You are dealing with transfer addiction!
Angel:    Transfer from what?  Food addiction to food addiction.
Devil:     Well it has to be someones fault it can't be you?
Angel:    Yes it is.

Whew that was heavy and I needed a cookie after that, but got some fruit with almond butter instead.     


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