Well here's my story.....I am married woman with 3 children all girls I might add.  They are the love of my life, however I have been overwieght my entire adult life.  When I say I have tried everything to loose weight I mean EVERYTHING.  I wll be the 40 this year, and it time for a change...They always say  

"You get the same results if you keep doing the same thing" So i if I try something different I will get differnt results.  I praying this tool will allow me to take a new journey and start a new beginning

I have new dreams, hopes and aspirations.  I would like to go tot he amusement park with my family without fat swollen ankles, and beeing too hot becaue I am affraid to wear a pair of shorts because my thighs are too fat and they rub together. I want to go in public with my husband and not have people looking at the two of wondering what does he want with that fat girl.  

I took the first step to a new me.  

April 19, 2008  I attended the Bariatric Seminar, it was an eyeopener this tool can really work for me, please allow me the chance to take advantage of it.    Waiting for appointment withn surgeon.

April 21, I called insurance company (Aetna) to confirm the surgery would be covered, and yes it isCOVERED.

April 22..I  filled out the 10 page packet about my life medical history took a full clothed picture of myself and mailed back to the Doctor's office.

April 23 ...I am going to sit tight and wait to hear my next move should be.
April 26...Still waiting

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