Day 2

Apr 08, 2015

Yesterday was the first day that I decided to work the weight off... I must admit that it was a challenge but I was successful! I went to the gym (which was very intimidating) and got on the elliptical.  I did 30 minutes, and it was hard! I used to be able to do it for an hour with ease, but yesterday pushing myself to 30 minutes was a challenge! I was going to quit at 15 minutes, but the gym had an inspirational quote on the wall.  I wish I could have don't more but the gym was soooo packed! Most of the machines had a line of people waiting for use.  I would just invest in my own equipment and stop my membership, but there is a cancellation fee (Ugh!!!!). So I will prob have to go another time of day.  I will figure it out.  The one thing that i FORGOT to do was log in my food (GOSH!).  I will try to remember today.  

I haven't really thought about my daily caloric intake.  It is just overwhelming to do everything all at once! I want to test my physical limits and see what I can handle every day.  Then, I will come up with a caloric intake.  I was thinking somewhere between 1200-1500 calories a day, with at least 100 grams of protein (400 calories) and no more than 100 grams of carbs a day (400 grams a day).  I'm not sure what I will end up doing, whatever is realistic to me.  Also, no white or processed carbs, no processed sugars or juices, and no POP!!!



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