I Can't Win For Losing (no pun intended)

Jun 23, 2010

I just came back from my follow-up appt. I have lost six pounds since June 3rd. To me that's big since the pounds came off this past week!!!! BUT that wasnt good enough for my surgeon. I told her what I was eating and drinking; all good stuff. Well come to find out, I'm suppose to drink a protein drink as a meal supplement NOT as a "drink"; which is fine. Now the part that gets me is all this time I thought we are suppose to eat until "satisfied/comfortable".  Apparently that's not the case! You are suppose to stop BEFORE you get to that point (according to my surgeon). So, instead of me eating 5 lil turkey smokies (which btw is 1 serving & 8g protein), I'm to eat 3!!!! All this is fine, but its a little frustrating esp. when you are doing your best (so you thought).

Its definitely a challenging task, as long as I'm healthy and looking good I'll continue making the changes that I need to make. Gotta love the decision we made to have this surgery!


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