The Experimenting Phase

Jul 25, 2010

I am 3.5 months out and I am starting to experiment with different foods; chips, breads, steak, chinese food. Yes, CHINESE!!! Of course, no dumping! That is scary, very scary! OH and popcorn! I popped popcorn last night in my wok. I used EVOO and I Cant Believe its Butter spray. It was sooooo good! These are all foods that I've been craving (of course before PMS). I tried everything while at home just in case there was an issue.

I bought a $.99 bag 2.5oz of chips and divided them up into .5oz. That way i wouldnt feel guilty (HA). When I ordered Chinese food, i did go a little overboard; a pint of shrimp&stirfry veggies AND sesame chicken w/broccoli. I had a little of both mixed together for 2 days. Then I froze the rest. A part of me feels guilty that I'm "cheating" on myself. BUT, I realized I'm just satisfying my curiosity. How will I know if I can or cant tolerate something.

Another thing going through my head is during excercise class I still feel FAT. Go figure! I've gone from 265 down to 193 and I still feel FAT! Its just when I'm in class, I feel like I cant keep up. Instead of running in place or doing jumping jacks, I either walk in place or step side to side. I feel great!!! I think I'm just scared that I'll end up catching cramps in my feet or legs (which I did when I was heavier). Maybe if I wear something more fitting I can physically see that I'm not the 265 pound person I was last year. Currently, I wear a baggy tshirt and baggy sweats. That maybe a thought huh?


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