Thank you Melanie (nut), Thank you Dr. Rob Landerholm for helping me change my life and become a healthy woman! Following their every word is what has made me successful!!!! I couldn't of done this with out them!!!!!

Today is 8/3, I'm almost 11 months out and finally feel normal... My new normal... I think I'm done losing???? Which is fine with me as I'm 157 and size S top and 5/6 bottoms.... I defiantly have some baggy areas that I would like to address, and after a consult Doc say that would be like 25+ pounds gone if I make the choice to have the xta skin removed!? I still struggle with water vs coffee intake, but I'm still trying to drink more water! I love being able to play softball, walk as far as I want, workout everyday and have no pain... I love the fact that I take no RX's and that my health at 34 is considered HEALTHY! I went camping and had no problems sleeping on an air mattress, I wore a bathing suit and wasn't embarrassed or ashamed! Going to Great Wolf Lodge for my daughters cheer camp and yes I will play in the water park, which is something I would of never done before in front of my children's peers  

Today is 6/9, I'm 9 months out and feeling great! My son just graduated from high school this past weekend and I felt beautiful all dressed up for the first time; maybe ever... Still have been unable to work out due to my calf but I did still lose a few pounds? 164 is what I tap out on the scales these days..... I have only 15 more pounds to go for my goal weight, I still can't believe it some times!

Today is 5/6 and I'm still a little discouraged that I tore my calf and I can't workout for like 6-8 weeks, but my progress is still so amazing to me! I hit 173 a few days ago and didn't even realize that meant 150lbs since I made the decision to change my life.... Which besides being married to the most wonderful man and have 2 awesome children has been the most important/best decision of my life time to date!!! I love my RYN, makes me want to dance!

Today is 4/14 and thing are going fine? My weight loss has stop for the time being I guess, but that is ok.. I'm still working out every day and hoping that I can lose again soon.... I'm in to my size 8 jeans / 10 slack and S/M shirts... I lost like 13 inches last month and that is worth more then pounds at this point!
Thank you Jesus for what you have done for me and all my fellow brothers & sister!

Today is March 17th (happy saint patty day) really all I can say is that I 'LOVE' my new life! I exercise every day, even walked home from church on Sunday.... 7.5 miles! No soreness or pain WOW 7 miles would of killed me for at least a month just 6 months ago?! I'm able to participate in aerobic & sculpting classes that make my daily exercise a blast! Thank you Butterfly Life! I'm eating well, still taking liquid proteins and 'lots' of vitamins but I have excepted that as a way of life, and I am ok with the trade! The weight lose has really slowed down but I know muscle weighs more then fat..... I hope that I can complete my goal by losing at least 35 more pounds.... 45 would even be better, but I'm not focused on the scale anymore just the toning and exercise, I know the rest will just take time! I'm mean really I'm toning and working in areas that haven't .......... in YEARS!
Pant size 28 to 12, top size 3X to M/L weight down 115lbs....

Today is February 10th and I'm finally a member of the onelander club! BMI from almost 50 to 30; life has a definite new beginning! Thank you God!


Today is 12/30 and I'm in my 16th week I have lost almost 90lbs... This is just still sooo unreal to me... I feel great, love the gift I have received!

Today is 10/23 and I'm in my 7th post-opt week..... I have lost over 50lbs... WOW that is so amazing! I thank God for this blessing!

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