16 Month's went really fast!

Jan 14, 2010

My weight has stablized and I feel like Dr. Landerholm and Melonie gave me a second chance at life!

I eat well, excerse 2-3 times a week and love the new me!

Living an active busy life style without pain and depression is wonderful!

I think I will wait another year before I do a lower body & breast lift, but yes do I need that! My poor husband is the only one that has to endure that sight.... Thank God for slim & lift products!!


Sep 09, 2009

It has been an amazing year.....

Stats below:
Highest / Current

Weight 348 / 153 That is 195 pounds lost

Pants 28/30W / 4-6 Oh my that is like 2 people

Tops 3X / S

Bra 48F / 34C

Shoe 11W / 10   Yes even my feet shrunk?







Rock-N-Roll Seattle Marathon, here I come!

Jun 26, 2009

Despite the fact that I ruptured my calf 10 weeks ago, I'm still going to participate in the marathon.... Just going to do what I can, wish me luck!

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9 Months out......

Jun 03, 2009

 Pounds lost by month

Month 1   39#
Month 2  14#
Month 3  14#
Month 4  19#
Month 5  12#
Month 6   9#
Month 7   8#
Month 8   8#
Month 9   9#

Pants Size 28 to 8/10
Top Size 3X to Small

Just to think in 2007 I was 348# and very un-healthy... I Thank God for my RYN!
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I want to go to the gym :(

May 28, 2009

Still no release from doctor... no PT yet still needs more time to heal???? Bummer for Jeni, having pitty party.... Kind of weird I use to not want to work out, 'do I have to' and now it is opposite, it's 'how much longer do I have to wait'?
I know in good time I will be right back to it! Thanks for listening to my pitty party! Blessings
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6 weeks

May 01, 2009

in a boot cast.... Then they will start PT! So bummed no marathon or workouts on the calander for a couple months  

Minor set back???

Apr 21, 2009

I was at the gym yesterday and was doing side lunges off a step with risers and snap there goes my right calf muscle.. TORE! Wow the pain is horrible.... So I guess I will be on crutches a couple weeks and then physical therapy etc..... I'm so bummed because I was to compete in the Rock N Roll Marathon in Seattle in June and the doctor just said I don't think so? Grrrrrr..... I hope my weight doesn't creep up on me because I'm unable to exercises for the next 8-10 weeks? Grrrrr..... Please pray for my healing! Thanks!

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