Back at home post-op

Feb 27, 2007

Surgery went very well. Bypassed 150cm of jejunum and stomach pouch looked great according to surgeon (but I think he's biased). LOL. The hospital was great and let my wife stay with me in the hospital and I was up and walking within an hour of coming out of recovery and walking every half hour. It made a world of difference and the surgeon discharged me after only about 12 hours in the hospital after sugery.

Some pain at home, but it is certainly bearable. Thanks everyone for your support and I'll keep in touch as things progress.

Cheers to all!!

Surgery will be done by this time tomorrow!

Feb 25, 2007

Bags are packed, nerves are fine and I'm ready to face the scalpel tomorrow. It is the closing of the door that opens the next door to the beginning of my new life. Assuming I am willing to walk through the door and keep going, who knows what awaits at the end of the trail. 

Thanks everyone for your support and kind wishes. I hope to be back home by Wednesday at this time, assuming there are no complications! :) 

Cheers to all,

Pre-Op Complete

Feb 21, 2007

Had my history and physical and met with the anesthesiologist today. I'm getting excited. Surgery in less than 5 days and I can hardly wait. Thanks for everyone's support!!

Cheers to all

Surgery Date in 2.5 weeks

Feb 07, 2007

So, I went to the bariatric orientation course with about 30 other people who are just starting on the process yesterday. I was at goal weight and had been studying the binder for a while, so it was a lot of refreshing of information. I met with my case manager today and she set a surgery date of Monday, February 26th. I initially met with the surgeon on the 19th of January and started my 10% weight loss then and I'll be having surgery just a little over a month after my initial consult with the bariatric program. I realize that my case was abnormal, insofar as I met with the surgeon fast and I lost my weight super fast, but I am still amazed at how fast I will be in the OR. Between now and surgery I have another consult with the dietician, a history and physical, an appointment with both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and a lifestlyes class. It's been a quick process and I have, as of today, went from 260 to 228 in less than 4 weeks. Yes, I've been eating! I have been eating an absolute max of 1000 cals/day and exercising 7 days a week. Hopefully all goes well and I will be in the OR in two and a half weeks!

Weigh-In on Friday!

Jan 29, 2007

The official weigh-in is on Friday and I am 2 pounds below goal weight, so keep your fingers crossed. After the weigh-in, I get scheduled with the case manager for the following week and then I should get my surgery date for mid-March.

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Back at home post-op
Surgery will be done by this time tomorrow!
Pre-Op Complete
Surgery Date in 2.5 weeks
Weigh-In on Friday!