I am 38 year old female, happily married with 5 children. I am a social worker and soon to be graduate from Cambridge College, Master's in Education. As you can see I have a very busy life. Most of my life I've always been pleasantly plump, I learned that food was my friend. 7 months ago my father passed away and it made me look at my life and the genetic make up that I have. I decided I wanted to live, so I took my FNP up on the offer to have WLS. I have been battling been morbidly obsese for a very long time. I went through the 6 months process, and through the surgery.  I was very nervous, through the 6 months I read all the positve and negative risk factors with the surgery, and I also looked at my life failing me slowly. I kept my surgery a secret from a lot of friends and family, because I didn't want to hear all the negative advice people would render me. Well the surgery date came very fast and I was very nervous that day, however I made it through Thank God for that. The ugly portion of the surgery was being nausea and the pain was awful. I had a great surgeon, and his staff was phenomenal especially Keisha. They where available to answer all my questions no matter how many times they have asked the same questions.

I think WLS is a great tool used to help those who have failed with other diet regiments. I have learned after WLS everything is more of a mental game and I am still learning.  I am now 4 weeks post-op

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Apr 22, 2011
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