William Chapman

"Dr, Chapman, was /is a true blessing to me and my life, He has helped me save my life. Dr. Chapman comes highly recommended at PCMH, His office is located at 517 Moye Blvd, Greenville, NC. Dr. Chapman's staff are truly the nicest group of angels I have ever met, They made me feel very comfortable while I was in the office, as well as on the phone. Dr. Chapman waited very patiently for me as I was in the prep area, He even came down to the prep area to check on me to make sure that I was ok, and to let me know he was waiting for me. After surgery Dr. Chapman came back to see me quite often, (very impressive) He signed my bariatric pillow before I left the hospital with a very encouraging message from Dr. Chapman. What future patients should know about Dr. Chapman is he is very compassionate, very friendly, loyal, highly educated, high recommended, and GOD SENT!!!!, Dr. Chapman has a very structured plan of care before and after sugery, His program is great, yet very intense, and you must be willing to follow the plan of care in order to get the results you want. Dr. Chapman has been very honest with me from beginning to end, he explained the risk of surgery from beginning to end. On a scale of 1-10, I would give Dr. Chapman 100++++++++++ His bedside manners, and table side manners where very professional, and personal (awesome)"
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