And away we go!

Dec 31, 2007

I went to my informational seminar on Saturday. It was GREAT. The surgeon is very imformative, very likeable, I feel very comfortable. So, this morning I called and made an appointment for my consultation! I have to wait until the end of January, darnit. But, that's okay! Being in customer service for so many years, I had to laugh a little at the person who booked my appointment this morning. I almost felt like she was trying to discourage me from coming to Dr. Moazzez's office - I'm sure it was unintentional. And it did make me laugh afterwards. It's like - I'M MAKING THIS APPOINTMENT WHETHER YOU WANT ME TO OR NOT CHICKIE.  It started off with:

Office: "well, we don't have any appointments until the end of January....(silence)"

Me: "I'll take the soonest one you have!"

Office: "Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....that would be January 28th".

Me: Sounds wonderful!

Office: You need to go to the website and download the questionnaire. If you don't have that, he just won't see you. You absolutely have to have that. Do you understand?

Me: (Has my mom called and told them I forget things????)"That's fine! I'll have it"

Office: You know, there is a fee of blah blah if you decided you want to do this.......(silence).

Me: That's fine.

Office: That's on top of the nutritionist......(silence).

Me: Really! That's fine.

Office: You have to pay two different fees.


HA! I didn't say that! But I felt like it!! She was incredibly nice. And I'm not being mean. I guess this is one of the "reality checks" along the way though. ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, LADY? Well, I do. Give me what ya got!

The ball's rolling...

Dec 28, 2007

Just taking that first step is the hardest, but now I'm on my way there. I called the Doctor's office to make an appointment and found out I need to attend an informational seminar before I can make my first appointment. SO...I will be attending that tomorrow morning at 10am. I'm very excited.

I went to our office Christmas Party and noticed a wife of one of my coworkers looked AMAZING. I THOUGHT she used to be overweight, but I couldn't quite remember. I brought it up to him the next day...and, yes, she'd had surgery. She's lost 180 lbs!!! And, the best news was that she used the exact same surgeon I plan on using! So I feel really good about my decision.

I'm still scared, but I'm even more excited.

A lot of choices to make

Nov 03, 2007

There are so many things you have to look into when deciding to take this leap. First- I had to give up smoking. 1. I knew that they won't operate if I'm a smoker. 2. It was killing me, on top of everything else. 3. It was a way of proving to myself that I really was going to go through with this. Now, I've moved on to finding a surgeon. I think I've picked one out. Reading everyone's reviews on here has been really helpful. The surgeons' websites have been helpful. It's funny - a few of the websites actually made me say " thanks" after a few minutes browsing through them. I wonder if they know how important that is. I was looking for a surgeon who was knowledgeable, lots of experience, one who does the surgery I think I want, but also does alternatives, but also one that will make me feel comfortable, like a person and not a number, like I matter. One doctor on here really stood out. So, I believe he's who I'm going with. I'm just hoping he's on my plan. I'm almost willing to pay more out of pocket if he's not. We'll see :)  Anyone having any advice, tips, etc. please feel free to email me.

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