Down 66 pounds! Yay me!

May 23, 2009

I haven't blogged for 3 weeks, so I thought I'd better get on it.  Sorry it's a long one!

At 14 weeks I was officially down 66 pounds, which includes the 15 I lost prior to surgery.  I am thrilled beyond belief.  Even though the first 10 weeks or so was difficult at times, I LOVE MY RNY!  

I got a free exercize bike on this week.  I couldn't afford to buy a piece of exercize equipment, so I posted, hoping that someone would have an old one they were using for a hanger, and would be willing to part with it.  Well a lady emailed me back right away, and said that they had one that her hubby had used while recuperating from back surgery, and I was welcomed to it!  I was right there that night, picking it up.  It's an older model, but works great, and is just what I needed.

The Durham Region OH Weight Loss Support Group is going great, and we have 9 new members, for a total of 56, and a new permanent meeting place.  It's pretty exciting, because now we'll be able to have speakers come in, and get a little formal education along with the social aspect of it.

I'm painting my bathroom.  Well, lets say it started out as just a paint job.  I took down the towel bar, and tp holder, because I've always disliked them anyway.  I also had a white grab bar that was installed by the previous owner, but it is on the wall outside the shower curtain, and was kind of useless, so I took that out too. (There is one inside the shower area, which I left).  When the last owner moved out, she took the hooks off the back of the bathroom door, and put up those cheap 3-M stick on ones, so I had to take those off, and scrape the glue off that was underneath them. 

Then I decided I would like to replace my mirror eventually, so I started unscrewing the little thingies that hold it on.  The mirror is quite tall, so I had to get on the ladder, and step on the vanity to get to the top ones.  While I was up there, I started looking at the light fixture, which was a horrible flourescent tube, set into a 4' box that matched the cabinets, and shone upwards.  It also had 2 small pot lights that shone down on the sink area, but they hadn't worked since I moved in, and I could never figure out how to change the bulbs (I even had an electricial look at them!).  So, I ended up taking down the entire box with the light fixtures in it!

Needless to say, I had LOTS of holes to fill, sand, etc.  It was hard work, and I've been picking away at it for a week.  I got everything taped off, and its ready to paint now.  I bought a new light fixture, towel bar, tp holder, and hooks for the back of the door.  I think it will be gorgeous once it's done.  Oh, I also have to figure out how to install a light fixture, which I've never done before.  I'm pretty handy, but that is one thing I've never tackled. 

If anyone had ever told me that I would be buying tools, and renovating my bathroom by myself, I would have laughed.  After my experience with taking down my old vertical blinds, and putting up new rods and drapery panels in 3 rooms, I was quite proud of myself!  I even bought myself a drill.  Then I painted my entire apartment, except for the bedrooms and bathroom.  It took me about a month and a half, because I have fibromyalgia, but I got it done, and was so pleased with the results.  It should be a little easier painting now, since I've lost 66 pounds since I did it the last time, so wish me luck on the bathroom!

I also went shopping for the first time last night, with my good friend Gail.  It was quite an experience!  First, she gave me some beautiful clothes that no longer fit her.  I was so thrilled that someone would give me such lovely things! 

Then we went to Value Village.  I got a great pair of cargo pants from Old Navy for $7.99, and 2 gorgeous drapery panels that had just come in that day, for $9.99 a panel.  Also picked up a few other items for $1.99 to $4.99 each.  Then we went out for a small bite to eat, and had a great evening.

Well, if you've reached the end of this epic, thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather.



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