Down 71 pounds! My hair is falling out!!

Jun 17, 2009

It's been a while since I blogged, so thought I'd better get my thumb out and start writing, or I'll forget all about the last few weeks.

I'm very happy that I'm down 71 pounds, with 72 more to go, and only 7 more to go until ONEDERLAND!! OMG, I cannot believe it!  I don't remember the last time I was under 200 pounds.  It's got to be at least 15 years. 

Unfortunately my hair has started falling out, but I'm lucky because I have an incredibly thick head or hair, so most people won't notice it, but I sure do.  I have a couple of wigs that I wear just for fun, so if it gets really bad I can always wear them.  I really like them anyway, so it will give me an excuse to wear them more.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and spent $176 on food!  LOL!  I was out at my sisters for 2 weeks, babysitting her dogs while they went on vacation.  When I came back home, I really needed to stock up on healthy things, but I was really in the mood for different things than I've gotten into the habit of eating.  I bought pickled beets and cauliflower, a chicken lasagne, Stouffers veal parmigian with spagetti, black cherries (yummy), kiwi's, mangoes, watermelon, some juices, and all kinds of other things that I'm going to try.  The last time I went shopping I bought one of the Campbells Chunky Chili's to try, and although it gave me a LOT of gas, it was easy to get down, very tasty, and loaded with protein.  It's good to try new things!  I like a lot of variety in my food, and on this WLS diet, it's easy to get into a rut.

While I was at my sisters place, I discovered I'm not a dumper.  Long story short, after watching tv at her place, and not being able to zip through the commercials to avoid the food ads, I found myself eating things that I would never have at home.  She is a junk food junkie, and had chocolates out in a bowl, fudge in the cupboard, marshmallow brooms in the fridge, sweet & sour chicken in the freezer.  You name it, they have it.  Let's just say I tried all of it (several times) and didn't have any problems with the sugar at all.  That's good, but it's bad!  So when I got home I had to buy lots of healthy foods that I love (which is why I bought all the fruit), so I wouldn't be tempted to buy any of the crap that I ate at her place.

While I was there, their computer wasn't working, so I had no internet for the 2 weeks!  I really rely on The Daily Plate to keep track of my food intake, and protein amounts.  I was totally lost without it.  I don't think I ate nearly enough, or drank nearly enough, so I only lost about 1 pound over that week, even though I was exercising more than I have in years by walking the dogs 4 times a day.  But I was happy that I didn't gain, considering how little control I felt that I had.  I was really relieved to get back home and into my own little routine.  It's amazing how being outside of your comfort zone for very long, can really knock you off the rails. 

Our WLS support group is going great, and we have 62 members now.  We're having our first clothing exchange tomorrow, and I hope we have a decent turnout.  I have a lot of things to get rid of, and it would be nice to pass them on to someone I know.  I've sold some of my things at a consignment store nearby, and got a few dollars for them which helps.

Hope everyone is having a great day!



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