Size 14!!!

Aug 25, 2009

OK, this is really exciting for me.  I had to go to Walmart today and get my nails done, and pick up a couple of things.  While I was shopping, I noticed that my jeans seemed baggy in the butt and legs.  SO, I went and tried on a smaller size in jeans, and they fit!  I'm now into a size 14 regular jeans, and size large regular tops!!!

It's probably been 18-20 years since I've been a size 14.  I feel so awesome!  I noticed a couple of guys checking me out today, and one guy tried picking me up in the shampoo aisle! LOL  This is really a new feeling for me, as I've been on my own for over 4 years now, and had no relationships at all during that time.  OMG, I might actually get a date! LOL

I've also noticed that the hair loss seems to be less, which is a relief.  I've also been able to go off some of the medications I was taking, or at least reducing the doseages.  That's a great feeling.  It was one of my goals when I started this journey, and now it's here.  Once I get this hernia fixed, I'll be all good.

I'm also going to an information session about joining the Durham Regional Police on Tuesday.  They're hiring, so I went on their website, and asked if I could attend their next info session.  I don't know if they would even consider hiring someone who's 50, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  I already have a good job with the government, but I've wanted to be a police officer for over 20 years.  The timing was just never right, and of course my weight and my health were issues for the past 15-20 years.  I just want to find out about the physical requirements, so I can use that as a goal for my fitness.  If I thought there was even a chance that I could be hired, I'd be so motivated to reach the fitness goal.  Wish me luck!


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