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"I had my first group consultation at the Barix Clinic in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on Aug 6/08 and it was wonderful. Dr Jon Schram will be my doctor, but I have a pacemaker, so he wants a letter from a cardiologist to say I'm healthy enough for surgery (well, that my heart is healthy enough for surgery!)rnrnMy first impression of Dr. Schram was that he seemed like a very positive, confident, and caring doctor. My impression did not change when I met with him individually. He was awesome!rnrnThe staff at the Barix Clinic were wonderful (except for the people at reception.... they were a little cold), and they gave me a lot of information to read, and two people that I can contact if I have any questions at all. A lot of the staff are also former patients, and they are happy to show you their before pictures, and answer any questions.rnrnThe doctor drew diagrams on the board showing the difference between the Lapband surgery and the GB. Both have pluses and minuses. He wrote down the percentages of the various risks with both surgeries. They were very informative about what to expect, and are equally honest about how it works. They say it's just a tool that makes dieting easier. You don't have the hunger that you experience with a regular diet, so it's easier to do it, but you still have to do the work. If you don't exercise, you'll probably lose less than someone who does. If you eat fast food instead of healthy home cooked food, you'll probably lose less. It's not a magic pill that means everyone will get to their goal weight. You have to still eat right and exercise.rnrnThey have regular after surgery check ups (I think at 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and one year), and he said he would be happy if every patient came back to see him every year for the rest of their lives!rnrnI would rate Dr Schram, the hospital itself, and the staff at 110%. I was very happy I chose this clinic for my surgery.rnrnI think surgical competence is probably better, but a great bedside manner helps you feel more confident going into your surgery. It helps if you really trust the doctor, and I got that feeling from Dr Schram. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about him, and I am so excited about having my surgery, I can barely wait!rnrn"
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