Psych approved!!! Elecrocardiogram and chest x-ray done

Jun 16, 2008

Well, I had my psych consult and was approved! Yeah!
Had the other tests run and have nutritionist consult next week. It's happening, it's really happening! All that is left is 2 doctors visits and bloodwork and final consult with the surgeon. Time has been dragging, but now it is getting close. As it gets closer I am getting more nervous, but excited too. Prayers needed that insurance goes well. I have done everything they said, but who knows? So the adventure continues.

Seems Like Forever...Waiting

Jun 02, 2008

Well ,it is June now and I have been on the supervised weight program since February.  I feel like I did when I was pregnant--counting the months and trying to make them go faster. This waiting consumes me.  I am so afraid that I will get to August and they will say, "Ooops, nope ,you don't qualify because 14 years ago you weighed less than the required amount'.  Only kidding..I know they don't go back that far. But it is such a gamble and they seem so arbitrary with their approvals and denials.  I have CIGNA HMO and they just changed the rules as of May 15th. I am stil eating pretty much what I want since I am so close to the 35 BMI and I am afraid if I go below that they will deny me.  I am SO ready to start feeling better about the way I look and feel.  Well, all I can do is wait..and wait...and wait.......

Three Months out I hope!

Apr 28, 2008

Wel,l I have gone to two orientations changed my mind from band to bypass and now am playing the waiting game. I know that some of the tests must be done within 60 days, so all I can do is start exercising and wait till I can do the testing. This will be the longest 3 months!!

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Psych approved!!! Elecrocardiogram and chest x-ray done
Seems Like Forever...Waiting
Three Months out I hope!