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Feb 27, 2009

So, here's an update. After surgery I ended up with pnemonia, then an staph infection at drain site. Finally, things seem to be normalizing. I do have bouts of  nausea mainly when I eat eggs or protein shakes. So, I contacted my Nut and she recommended I try soy protein. It seems to sit better in my pouch and helps me get more protein in.

In four weeks I have lost 24 pounds and will continue to weigh in on Mondays. I had my post-op follow up with Dr. Shina a few weeks ago and my drain site is cleared up and almost healed closed now. I am still struggling with getting in all my water, mainly because crystal lite and flavored waters sit and the flavors are overwhelming to me.

My left side has just stopped being extremely painful in the past couple of days. So, I would like to go to the indoor walking track starting this next week. As far as school goes I got a bit behind do to all my complications but my professor has agreed to allow me more time to turn in assignments. I also, have to start my practicum soon in order to get all my required hours in on time.

It looks like life is about to be a juggling act once again very soon.


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