Having a rough time...

May 13, 2009

My schedule has been so unpredictable, so still not getting down any kind of routine. It seems when i'm home it's to sleep, many days just forget to eat and definitely no working out. This makes me feel like "why did I bother to have surgery". I am so afraid that if I do not figure something out soon, this to will be a failure.

In good news, my bestfriend flies in on Friday night. So, I at least know while J is here, I will be getting out and doing more. It has been so long since I have done anything besides sleep, go to work and school. Hopefully, this will allow me to relax a bit, my stress level has been through the roof lately.

Last weekend, I had to hit up some thrift stores because I had no pants that fit right. Finally, I do not look like a wannabe gangster or as a schoolmate commented "a boy trying to wear his daddy's clothes". I am still losing weight but it has slowed down alot, to about 2 pounds a week, but I realize this is probably because I am not eating often enough and definitely not drinking enough fluids.

Now that I have pointed out my flaws, it's time to make some sort of plan to get on track. Ok, I have to work tomorrow, so going to end for now. From now on, I need to make sure to update more.


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