I like most of you have struggled all my life with obesity. I too have tried every diet known to man only to regain the weight I lost and then some. I never thought I would have to have surgery. I always thought the next diet would work. I finally got tired of hating myself, my life and the way I felt and looked into WLS. It was a difficult decision because my mother's best friend died on the operating table while having her "stomach stapled" many, many years ago. My mother of course freaked when I told her I was going to do this. But I was miserable, on BP meds, borderline diabetic, high cholesterol and had joint pain. I tried to educate her enough to ease her mind but no matter what I said she was scared and who can blame her? Now that I am  8 months post op she is relieved. I had no complications and went from 277 lbs to 181 currently. Life is good!

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