I've been overweight practically my entire life. 

My mom was a very angry and unhappy housewife who resented becoming a parent and having to give up her life.  There wasn't much nurturing from her and dad was a bad example with his own eating issues.   I started binge eating when I was 7.  If I would have been able to vomit I probably would have become one hell of a bulimic.  

My weight slowly progressed upwards but really shot up once I entered the work force and stopped being so active.  Like everyone else I've done a variety of diets.  Even went to a doc who had me on a bunch of pills that got me down 70 pounds until he got busted.  And of course that weight just came right back on.  

I found out in 2000 I was hypothyroid.  My previous doctors hadn't ever ordered the full test that would have diagnosed it.  So no wonder that whole year I spent with a nutritionist and personal trainer only yielded a 8 pound weight loss.  But even with Synthroid I was facing a losing battle with a metabolism that was shot. 

Around 2003 I went with a friend to a weight loss seminar.  Scared the hell out of me, but she went on to have the surgery.  She was lucky in that her insurance would pay for it.  Mine wouldn't.  But I tried one last futile time with diet and exercise before giving up for good.  

I tried to resolve myself to just enjoy what I could.  But with high blood pressure, bad ankle, a knee that needed arthroscopic and watching my quickly shrinking friend find herself a new life I realized I really didn't want to just settle. 

Then in the last year I discovered from a co worker that our insurance had changed.  They would cover the surgery.  I started to re-evaluate things. 

So I started looking into WLS in October of 2006.  I've been to seminars at Baylor Plano, Baylor Dallas, Dr. James Davidson at Dallas Presby and UTSW.  I've chosen Dr. Davidson.

I'm looking forward to the second half of my life being much richer and satisfying. 


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