Presbyterian Dallas

"Beware the bariatric coordinator. I actually fired her from my case. Most WLS patients stay on 6 east and the staff is good, but sometimes don't communicate with each other and tend to dissapear at shift change. If you need pain meds ask before 7!!!"

Vista Hospital of Dallas

"The toilet stalls in the rooms are tiny and not good for big people. "

James Davidson

"I don't think you could find a surgeon who is more dedicated to making sure his patients have good outcomes, especially when complications arise. He is careful, cautious and very thorough. His staff are as commited to your success as he is and are efficient and nice. His affiliation with Nova Body Solutions is terrific to help you get your insurance approval and after surgery support and education. Thank God Davidson was my surgeon as his medical knowledge beyond bariatrics came in handy when I had severe complications. He may not be warm and bubbly but I think he's just so busy that he needs to be all business, but that's not to say he's an unfeeling robot. When he smiles it's the most reassuring thing ever. "

Isopure Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder

"The best whey protein powder ever. Two scoops 50g protein. Great taste. No sugars. "
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