New Year, New Beginning

Jan 09, 2022

As we enter year 3 of this COVID pandemic, due to limitations and circumstances, it has caused me to gain a lot of weight.

Pre-surgery my highest weight was 300 lbs. After DS surgery, my lowest weight was 145 lbs. I settled into an average and weight that I felt comfortable at 165 lbs.

I had the DS 15 years ago and maintained my weight at 165 lb bouncing +/- 5 lbs for those many years until the COVID came and affected me. With the use of my DS tool, I hope to get back on track to lose weight by phases.

Phase 1 is losing 19 lbs, from 219 to 200.

Phase 2 is to lose 15 lbs, from 200 to 185.

Phase 3, if I can accomplish the first 2, is to lose 20 lbs from 185 to 165 (ultimate goal). 

If by phase 2, it becomes a challenge to lose those 15 lbs, I might break my phase into 2 goals with Phase 2 being 10 lbs and Phase 3 being 10 lbs, then continue on with my other weight loss phases. Will see how it goes.



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